The long run…

Today’s long run was what it’s all about: good times with friends. We did 15 hot and sweaty miles through a very steamy Austin this morning. I felt great…although I should not have. Poor little Jasper has croup and barely slept, which means I barely slept. I was rocking him back to sleep at 4am, and laid down next to him to help him go back to sleep, then woke up realizing I somehow missed my alarm and was late to my own requested 530 am start (a big faux pas…if you request an early start, you gotta show!). I got a hold of everyone to beg for 15 minutes later. I also don’t get ready as quick as I used to. Jasper eats, what Jasper doesn’t eat must be pumped away, Mama must eat after Jasper feeds all night long to soothe himself while he had a horrible raspy cough. I barely had time to shove a banana down, but really needed to eat more.

So I arrived a little harried, but thankful my friends were willing to wait for me. I think on these crazy mornings I try and use Jasper as my inspiration, as no matter what he always smiles. Even when he is sick and crying if I look at him, he stops for a second and tries to give me a little smile. I had fun laughing with friends and catching up. Mark and I were cracking up remembering bad movies from our childhood.
When I finish a run now I rush home and throw on dry clothes and feed Jasper before I even hop in the shower. It hasn’t been Jasper’s best day ever. He sounds just terrible, and I can tell his little smiles aren’t always easy for him since he feels so bad. So, it’s a little bit of a challenge for me, but at least I got my long run in!

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