Croup sucks…

Here’s Jasper and his cousin Cameron. Despite the huge grin on his face, this was our hardest weekend ever, and had me longing for the holiday weekend to end. It was unfortunate Jasper got croup when we had family visiting him, so they didn’t really get to see him at his best.

We went to the Dr today, and as I suspected Jasper has croup. He has the saddest, weakest little cry ever. The Dr told me the worst is over. He also got a diarrhea bug on top of it. I could spend hours writing about sitting up in a chair two nights with a feverish baby, or sitting at home with Jasper while everyone was out having fun, or how ashamed and embarrassed I was loosing it in front of everyone when I felt like I just couldn’t take another minute, or how awful it is to see you baby suffer and nothing you do seems to relieve him. But last night, after a dose of tylenol, we both fell asleep for about 2 hours, and somehow I knew that the worst was over. Mike was kind enough to let me go for a run in the morning, and while lack of sleep slowed me down, I reveled in cooler temps, and somehow knowing I had made it through the horrible test of patience and strength that croup proved to be. At one point in the night I told Mike I should sign up for another 100 miler this year, because nothing could be as hard as over 24 hours with a baby with a fever!
Mike was great trying to help me cope with a sick baby who was soothed by nothing except nursing and being stuck to mama…a lot. He brought me key lime ice cream from Amy’s, he got me a new pair of running shorts, he let me go running every morning, and pushed me into yoga this morning (real yoga…no baby). He came home from the fireworks when I called crying that I couldn’t take another minute. I am thankful he understood how hard the weekend was for me and was willing to help me through it. I am sure it was no picnic for him either. Tomorrow Mike and I will split the day working half days to keep Jasper home from daycare. We both want to conserve precious time off, and I am glad Mike is able to help.
I never thought I would look forward to going back to work!
I am optimistic I made it through the worst part and things will get better from here. At least I got to watch a lot of the Tour De France.
Up next: going to Mike’s disc golf tournament, marathon training in full swing, continue to watch Netflix of Jasper’s favorite show…Glee.

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