How did I miss this?

I always knew about podcasts on Endurance Planet, but for some reason I thought they cost to listen. Well, I was wrong. So, I’ve been listening all week at work. They are great! There are tons of inspiring interviews with elite ultrarunners and triathletes who are also busy moms, and they answer a lot of questions about how they fit it all in. There is a fantastic interview with last year’s Western States winner, Anita Ortiz. She is a mom of 4 and works full time and manages to win one of the toughest races out there. She just says she gets up really, really early (like 3am!) to get her runs in. I am setting my alarm a little earlier these days. This week was challenging, as while the Owl is well, his mama is not. Yep, I am sick again. This one is rough with no real symptoms other than fever, aches and chills. I suspect I am just reacting to whatever virus made the Owl so sick over 4th of July. Anyhow, when I can walk across the room without my joints aching, I plan to let some of these athletes inspire me to get a little more in before the day starts, because as I have learned, once it starts, there isn’t room for much else besides work and the Owl. I listened to an interview with a former triathlete world champ who has twins and she said if you stand at the finish line of an Ironman, the moms finishing never need IVs or to go to the medical tent like other finishers. It’s because they know they can never be down for the count, and no matter how tired and wrecked they feel they have to keep on going, and something in them just never lets them get to the point of utter exhaustion. Ha! I love this story. While I definitely haven’t done an Ironman, I think about how comical it is I’ll come home from my long run, throw on mismatched dry clothes, sit down and feed Jasper before I get my water and a couple hours later finally get to shower and stretch a little. And, naps on long run days are definitely a thing of the past! I don’t want to sound like I am complaining….sometimes I am just amazed we are equipped with extra gears I never even knew existed.

This is a picture of Pancake ignoring a stealthy Owl. Pancake had her teeth cleaned today and underwent general anesthesia. It is always a little scary to have a 10 year old dog go under. She did great though…and she’s still running about 12 miles a week.
Ok…gotta get some sleep. I have a virus to get rid of, and an alarm set very early.

1 thought on “How did I miss this?”

  1. I got sick right when Mijo got better too – crazy. But feeling better, and I even started running (albeit indoors on a treadmill) and started checking out marathon pages. yay for me.

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