More inspiration…

If you have a kid/ kids, if you run/ or are just starting, do yourself a favor and get this book. Or get it for a mom in your life. Does it really tell me anything I don’t already know about running? No. But the authors give you every little tip there is to help you find running after baby, and there is a real life running while pregnant section (not just “prenatal yoga and walking are great!” type articles like lame-o Fit Pregnancy has). There is also a companion website and yours truly is one of the mamas listed (anyone can be…just send your info), and from that list are tons of cool blogs I’ve even yet to explore. The website has cool giveaways every week (I’ve yet to win, but keep trying). Anyhow…very cool stuff. Between this site and all its blogs, and all the cool cooking blogs out there, I could spend a whole day just exploring blogs. It’s funny there are so many cool running mama blogs when sitting down at the computer and typing is a really hard thing to do. I can read stuff on the computer but the only time I can type is if Jasper is asleep. Typing with one hand just takes too freakin’ long. So yeah, he is asleep now.

Speaking of sleep…..I have resigned myself to the fact that Jasper won’t magically start sleeping. He sleeps no more now than when he was a newborn. There are have been little blips of 3 hour stretches of sleep, and one night only of sleeping through the night, but waking every 2 hours just seems to be what the Owl does. This weekend he decided to wake up every hour. I just ask him “Dude, why are you hazing your mama?” He just smiles his little toothless Owl smile. I’ve tried many different things and the result is always the same: more or less Jasper wakes up every couple of hours and more or less I just get to feel tired. I just tell myself he HAS to outgrow it eventually. Maybe not until he is a year, or even more, but at some point in my lifetime I should sleep again. Acceptance is really all I can do at this point…I tried breaking down and crying, but that did nothing to change things. At least with acceptance there are no surprises when I put him down at 830 and he wake up at 1000, just as I was getting into bed hoping to read. Yeah, I am kinda complaining here, but it’s my blog and I gotta vent somewhere.
Anyhow….while the Owl currently sleeps I am going to get some stretching in!


1 thought on “More inspiration…”

  1. I tired letting Rome fuss out the 1-3 am waking. If he didnt quiet in 5-8 minutes, i'd get him, but soon enough he stopped waking. it was a dream!

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