New York-New Jersey whirlwind tour…

I just got back from my Uncle’s wedding in New Jersey. It was my first time away from Jasper, and a total whirlwind of a trip…but very nice. I left Friday morning very early and kissed the family goodbye. I was meeting my dad and uncle Charlie at the Newark airport and we were immediately taking the train to NYC to eat deli food and sight see. Since Jasper was staying home and he is still nursing, I had to drag a breast pump everywhere. That part really sucked. It was awkward, heavy, and sometimes difficult to find a bathroom. But, I managed. NYC was insanely crowded and fast paced. It took us a while to find Carnegie deli, but then I achieved my goal of getting a piece of cheesecake as big as my head. We then headed to the Museum of Folk Art (since MoMA had a line wrapped around the block 3 times), and we went to the MoMA gift shop where I got Jasper and Mike presents…I could have spent hours and lots of money there. Then there was the task of getting back to NJ in rush hour. Let’s just say Penn Station at rush hour is something out a cartoon…it was just unreal. I cannot imagine doing that commute every day!

The next day I went exploring on a run around our hotel and the wedding site. It was a beautiful area. Very New England country scenery. It was very green and lush. There was a beautiful residential area near the hotel that had huge old homes with huge yards, so I went running around there. When I travel, I just kinda give up the long run, and figure I can manage an hour or so without inconveniencing others. I just take it as a recovery week and don’t worry about making the runs a workout. I had 2 days of really nice runs, and I found a yoga/ pilates studio 1 mile from the hotel, so I did a pilates class for the first time. It was one of those moments of “well, I thought I did core work, but THIS is core work.” It was great, I am still sore, and I will be looking for a class here in the future. It was shorter than a yoga class which I liked. I am still a huge yoga fan, but since I don’t seem to make it regularly, I figure mixing it up with whatever I can manage is good.
The wedding was beautiful and lots of fun. There was a lot of food and drink and no one could accuse me of going hungry this weekend. By Sunday, I was ready to go home though, so after one last drive through the country it was back to the Newark airport.
There were a couple hiccups coming home and I got in after midnight. I was so excited to see Jasper. He slept really good for Mike, so it seems I am part of the issue, if not all of it. He slept 6 hours in his crib last night. I think I need to give him more time to put himself back to sleep and not get up so quickly.
It was super hard to be away from Jasper all weekend, as much as it was nice to have the break. It was a very busy weekend, and I am glad I went, but still looking forward to my real vacation next month.
It’s good to be home.

1 thought on “New York-New Jersey whirlwind tour…”

  1. amazing that you pumped in any nyc public bathroom – what a commitment, but necessary to the cause. i love running out there. much cooler in the mornings and nights than here. best to let jasper "fuss" it out now before he can move too much. Rome was a great sleeper, until he started crawling! eek! Now we still get up a couple times. Ah, such is cosleeping.

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