Kickin’ butt at 515 am…

First off, as Mike and I like to say “the Owl sleeps”. He did great all week. Overnight he started sleeping long stretches and willingly moved into his crib. I can turn over at night again! I spent the last several months sleeping in a little ball never moving, so I had one shoulder much tighter than the other. He does still wake up once, and the other night he did twice, but he will sleep 5-7 hours at a time. My life is much better.

I am so lucky I have a husband who helps me do it all…..but he’s lucky too 🙂 He has a disc golf game early, as he finally decided playing all afternoon in 100 degrees sucks. So I volunteered to move my run from Town Lake to home, and started early. I must give a shout out to Mark here: He is always so nice to meet me where I need to start, and he is such a good role model for me. He’s a super busy working dad of two very active little boys, and he is a fantastic cook. He gets in his runs, and never takes time from his family. He’s given me endless encouragement and advice on what it is like to raise a “cheeky” little boy (Mark’s term….he is a Welshman). Anyhow, since he was meeting me today, I was a more willing to travel further from home in the dark. We did a great little tour of Austin for a nice 2 hour run. We took in Hyde Park, UT, MLK and Chicon (always a hopping corner), and finished up with a tour of the hills of Cherrywood. We both remarked how great it was we would be done before 730. I got home threw on dry clothes, said goodbye to Mike and took over Owl duty. He was in his usual jumping mood, when suddenly, a big yawn came….and another. The Owl decided to take a nap by 800, so I got to shower and eat. Now that is an awesome morning….
More good news today. A very nice co-worker friend offered to watch Jasper so Mike and I get to see a movie!!!! We have not gone to a movie together in over 6 months. This is pretty much the only activity that is impossible with a baby. We are going to the Alamo Drafthouse, so I am already wondering “Hmmm, do I get a milkshake, or a beer”. Important stuff to ponder…
And keeping with the good mood theme, some happy thoughts: Mad Men is back on!, I am reading the Girl Who Played with Fire, such a page turner, the weekend was almost derailed by another freakin‘ day care virus…this one was truly a 24 hour deal though, and I am fine now, and the Owl is taking an epic nap…..looks like I get to clean the house too.

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