Back to back runs and the Owl back to not sleeping…

I feel busy this week. I am not sure why. It’s not different than any other week. Maybe all that the days now consist of is finally sinking in.

I am excited and motivated to be in full swing marathon training. Mike got me a cannoli the other day from Whole Foods and that was my motivation for the week. I LOVE going the the Italian pastry shops at the North End in Boston and getting a fresh cannoli. So if I ever want to do that again, I gotta get my butt moving faster. While I am not up to 20 milers yet, I do a back to back long runs of sorts on weekends. It’s enough for me to feel it on Mondays, and not mind doing a recovery run on Monday morning. Tomorrow is my hill repeat day, so I am psyching myself up tonight.
And, speaking of nights, Jasper quit sleeping over the weekend. At first he just got up a couple times in the night, and then Sunday night he got up about every 30 minutes from 630 when he went down until 2 am. Then he fell asleep until 6am. Soooo uncool, Owl. Then last night he got up every 2 hours again, which is his usual pattern. I did stay strong and kept him in his crib, but I wasn’t happy. I had mentally prepared myself he may backslide some, I just didn’t think so much. I try my best to remain optimistic, but the realist in me says I may look back and refer to 2010 as “the year I didn’t sleep.”

1 thought on “Back to back runs and the Owl back to not sleeping…”

  1. For both of my kids, the 6-8 month stretch was the hardest for sleep. So much going on in those little bodies! Hang in there. How did J get to be 6 months already?!

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