Jasper is currently napping recovering from his getting up every 30 minutes last night. I seem to be unable to nap, so here I am.

So far it’s been a good weekend of running. I am hibernating inside right now, as we’ve had a week of triple digits, and it never seems to cool off. A couple years ago, I was training for trail runs every weekend, doing long runs on the greenbelt in the full sun, and cooling off in Barton Creek. This year, I seem to do my runs earlier and earlier, and even a 2 + hour run gets done before the sun comes up, so I am not exactly getting a tan this summer. Mark was nice enough to meet me Saturday for a 15 miler starting in east Austin and heading into Hyde Park, thru UT, and then thru Cherrywood. We started at 5am, and once again it was nice to be done so early. My Garmin seems to be swirling the drain, so I have no idea what our pace was. I am trying to keep my long runs at race pace and not slow down as the mileage increases. Today I met Steve for a slightly modified Danish loop, and then I ran Mike’s run with him, while pushing Jasper in the stroller. Then Mike was nice enough to watch Jasper while I went to a real yoga class. What a treat. I realize my runs are kinda uninteresting to construct a running blog around. Gone are the long, epic trail runs. Gone are the big races in amazing locations. Most my runs are practical solutions to getting in the training I feel need to achieve my goals, and they will be local goals. This is not a complaint. There are fantastic races in the Austin area I will get to do this fall. So, in case you haven’t noticed, the focus of my blog is really about the challenges of balancing running, work, and most importantly a very active little Owl!

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