This is an incredible story! Please check it out. I can relate to fighting cut offs in a 100 miler. I don’t know when I’ll do another one, but I really hope I have a little more resolve now. I feel like I do, I just need a race to test it!

Yesterday was my longest run yet, and I realize I still need to do that speed work. We dropped it to 7:30 miles at many points, and those suckers are hard. They seemed effortless to Mark, but today my hamstrings are letting me know that I was pushing. I cannot believe I am starting the biggest training month. Every run in September is a biggie. Then it’s time to start winding it down a bit. Heck, I just can’t believe it is almost September. Not much longer of super hot weather.
I am about to meet Mark for the Danish run, and then actually get danishes. We meet at a bakery (hence the name), but we always finish before the bakery opens. Today we slept late and started a little later in order to get goodies. Except Jasper got up every hour starting at 1am, and at 4 I just stayed up. We had work done on the house, and we had to be out all day, and I think it made him kinda nuts. Then there was a lot of dust, so he was super congested all night. So maybe this one is my fault, but the every hour nights are the toughest!
Ok, off the sweat then eat a pastry….

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  1. Wow, 7:30 pace is great. With all my long slow runs I'm afraid I couldn't get down to 8:00 for very long. I hope you do have another 100 in your plans at some point. I think as we grow older our resolve gets a little stronger as well!

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