What a week….and it’s only Wednesday. Thank you to everyone for their suggestions to get the Owl to sleep. They were timely, as this has been our worst week yet. He’s been up every half an hour to hour. Last night I swore if I didn’t sleep I would lose it. I’ll spare the gory details, but I ended up with 1.5 hours of sleep for me, at the end of a week of 2-4 hours. Work was painful today. This weekend I am going to really try and get to the root of what is causing this. There is a reason sleep deprivation is considered a form of torture, and I am convinced you could get someone to admit to anything once they are sleep deprived enough. It really messes with your head. On top of it we all have some version of the Owl’s latest cold, so none of us are 100%, and when you add that to sleeping a couple hours a night, it makes for major grouchiness.

We also had some bad day care news that they want to move Jasper in with the toddlers on Monday. These kids have a rigid schedule and are 12-18 months old. They are moving him and one other baby to make room for more infants. I am pissed they gave me no notice, I have to pay for the next month on October 1, so leaving them for another daycare in such a short time span is unlikely, and I don’t really have a choice. It could work, but an 8 month old is very different from an 18 month old, and I am worried his needs won’t be met. I am looking into other daycares just in case. It was a big wrench thrown into our lives though. I thought I had reliable childcare, and now I don’t feel like I don’t. I’ve had a lot of suggestions from folks though, so I am optimistic that we will find something. I will miss how easy it is to have daycare basically at my work, but no convenience is worth it if they do not take good care of Jasper.
Anyhow, in better news I have a very good shot at being a pace group leader for the Austin marathon in February. Getting an email about it was the brightest spot in my week. I had so much fun in 2009, and it like reliving the feeling for finishing a marathon for the first time all over again.
In my own training news, when I am getting this little sleep, training is all about doing the best I can do. Pace and tempo runs are hard when 8 hours of sleep is my week total. I am out there every morning, but maybe not as quickly as I would like. This weekend Mark and I have a 23 mile route mapped out. I am ready to finish it and really know I am a distance runner once again.
So yeah, a bit of a down week. Once I can get the sleeping under a little control I hope to be a little more optimistic. On that note, it is 830, Jasper is asleep, so I am going to try and sneak in a little nap before we wakes up

Cupcakes make me happy…

No, I did not eat all of these at once! I had to give a lot away or I would eat them all. I’ve had a Sugar Mama’s gift certificate for about a year and a half now. I kept saving it for a dinner party or something, but finally admitted I would never make it down there and since we were there today with Mike’s aunt and uncle, we cashed it in.

Today the scheduled called for 20. Mark suggested I run from my house and meet the group for a Scenic loop. It would be 18.5 and not 20, but it was a good compromise, so I did it. Running from my house alone at 500 to town lake was a little bit scary, but my motivation was that I had people waiting for me.
Let me back up a bit though….Jasper had some really, really bad nights this week. I spent 80% of my night in a chair one night and was still in the chair when my alarm went off. I cried. He is almost 8 months old. I shouldn’t still be up all night. Something had to give, so we decided to try the cry it out method. Huge mistake. It only made a bad situation worse, once he had worked himself up to a point I thought was dangerous, it took a couple hours to get him back down. It made me feel beyond guilty and horrible that as his comforter and protector, I let him down and left him abandoned and frightened. We both calmed down and I finally got him to sleep. Just as I was getting my shoes on the leave at 455 am, he started crying, summoning me. I felt really guilty, but I told Mike I had to go or I would never make it on time to meet the group. I am so thankful Mike was willing to step in at that hour. It took me 6 miles to convince myself I wasn’t the most horrible, selfish person in the world for leaving my baby and my sleepy husband to deal with him. But that is the nice thing about a run. You can work through just about anything as you run through the streets at 500am. I watched a lot of UT tailgaters getting ready, so I wasn’t really out there alone, and once I hit Clarksville, there were folks getting out with their dogs. I had a nice 2nd part of the run with Steve and Meghan, Mark was out sick (get well soon Mark!). I got home and was relieved that Mike said Jasper was just ready to get up when I had left and they had been playing and walking around the the block. Ok, relieved he wasn’t crying, but slightly disturbed he now thinks 5am is wake up time. That’s my only time to myself right now!
So, I felt good on the run. I finished and felt like I had some more miles in me. I didn’t get my high protein smoothie, I just had yogurt and I did not feel as good all throughout the day…a little tired. I am sold on an ASAP post run protein smoothie. I am going to research a little on protein powders and start keeping all the ingredients on hand, so I don’t make sad little smoothies like last week’s (greek yogurt, skim milk, banana….it was kinda milky). If anyone does recovery smoothies, please let me know what you put in them and if you use a protein supplement. This is uncharted territory for me.
So, a good run to work out some mental woes. Jasper reset his bedtime tonight and went down 2 hours later than normal, so I am hoping that means he’ll go longer without waking up. Hey, that’s all I can do….be hopeful. In baby yoga the instructor told me “The universe doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” Dang universe..quit thinking I am tough and quit upping the ante…let the poor Owl sleep!

Lots going on as always, none of it very interesting to anyone but me, but here goes.

After having terrible runs everyday last week, things finally are going really well this week (so far). I ran a marathon pace run with the goal being to feel relaxed and not like I was pushing. I had to keep telling myself to relax, but I hit my goal time. Today was a recovery run with Pancake. I pay no attention to time and just run. It was nice to see I ran my middle miles at marathon pace without trying. I am one month out from re-entering the world of distance running. Training for this run has been really fun. I get to experience the feeling of being a first time marathoner all over again, but with a little more confidence. At this point, I have no doubts I have enough endurance to cover the distance. It’s just a matter of how fast can I do it. Anyhow, I am excited I can finally feel like I have a big race around the corner.
Poor Owl. He hasn’t had good luck lately! First his UTI, then he had a couple bad days at school, now, thanks to Kitty, I found out his formula has been recalled because there were beetle parts and larvae found in it. Ick. He has a couple of bottles of formula every day, because he out eats what I can give him. I know he’s a Tim Burton fan, but I that is truly Beetlejuice!
In more Owl news, he finally put it all together and can crawl and pull up. He did it all at once after months of crying whenever he couldn’t figure it out. Only bad thing is now when he wakes up at night (he still hasn’t figured out sleeping), I walk in his room to find him standing in his crib bouncing up and down half crying/ half laughing. He did this from 130 am to 230 am last night.
I have really been enjoying running podcasts at work. Check out runningpodcasts.org. Who knew there were so many? I really like Run Vegan Run, and Running to Disney. I still have a lot to check out, but if you can listen while you work, I recommend checking out this site. I recommend starting whatever podcast you pick at the first episode. I started a couple in the middle and it doesn’t flow as well.
Up this weekend: 18-20 miler, car maintenance (yuck), brunch with some friends,and Curious George’s birthday party at BookPeople for Owl.

Random thoughts…

Jasper always gets put into pink accessories. At day care they supply the bibs, and I have picked him up countless times to find him in a pink bib that says “I’m not a boy.” Poor Owl. And he seemed very fond of this pink party hat at Leah Garel’s birthday today. I got him a bowl with owls all over it, but it is pink, so Mike got upset with me. I don’t think it really matters, but think it is funny that the Owl always gets pink things.

I managed to run 15 today. I didn’t try to reschedule my 20 miler, as experience dictates that rescheduled runs always seem to go bad. I just figured, flip flop the schedule and attempt it next weekend. I have to start by saying Mark and Steve are very good friends to accommodate my ever growing list of running needs. Mark meets me early, does a crazy back to back weekend, and always is willing to run my pace. Steve was willing to buy a $3 muffin so I could hit my second bathroom on the run, and brought water for Mark and I so we didn’t die in the 90% humidity. It’s nice to know they are on my side to help me see another marathon. I had a great run though, and no feelings of illness or IT soreness (another fun issue this week). I am totally embarrassed that I am super sore from yoga. I would go to this class pregnant and not get this sore. It seemed a lot harder than I remember. I guess baby yoga really isn’t maintaining things for me.
At the birthday party today, the room was divided into those who have kids and those who do not. Those who do not all tended to be hardcore runner/ triathletes. I somewhat looked at them longingly and thought “that used to be by world, not any more.” But was it, really? I’ve never really fit into the runner/ triathlete community here. I have some wonderful lifelong friends I’ve met, but I’m just not that good. It was just a hobby for me, and it’s still just a hobby. Maybe years down the road I can do what I used to but for now I just don’t know where to find the time, and I suppose that is ok. Our lives go through cycles and priorities change. Not really a new thought, it was just strange to actually see in front of me today.
Have a good week, everyone, and we’re going to try and stay healthy around here.

Today’s planned 20 miler did not happen. I thought it would be a bad idea to run after throwing up all day yesterday. To rewind….Mike’s been sick, Jasper had his UTI, but I suspected something else, as he had 2 massive throw ups in day care. I felt off all week. I couldn’t hit any times in my runs. I had little runs of aches and chills, and I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. I made excuses for all of: asthma, something I ate, taking too many ibuprofen but I finally had to admit defeat. I had the stomach flu. Something I haven’t had since childhood. I’ve had food poisoning, bad morning sickness, bad hangover, but not puking your guts out with a fever and every bone in your body hurting. It really is super unpleasant. I tried to tough it out at work since if I went home I would have Jasper to take care of and I actually figured that staying at work throwing up was easier. Yes, I’ve hit a new low. But when I didn’t make it to the bathroom in time (thank god for trashcans), I threw in the towel and left, driving home with a plastic bag in my lap and Jasper in the back. Luckily the day was about over, so Mike could come home and help me. Until about 4pm I still planned to run, “I’ll just slam gatorade all night!” I thought. Finally when nothing had stayed in me all day and it was the early evening, I emailed out my cancellation from the group run.

Good news is I am much better today. I went very slow with food and really tried to hydrate. I am going to attempt to run tomorrow. I am hoping I’ll be done with illness by then.
Yes, as per my last post, a lot can happen training for a race. While I place a high priority on running, the truth is it is down my priority list after family and work, so I can’t be too upset. I kinda feel like I missed this whole week from training. I cut just about every run short. But, I think weeks like this will happen. I am getting exposed to all kinds of illnesses I haven’t dealt with since I was a kid. This isn’t the last time I am going to get sick in the midst of training. I took advantage of not running by going to a real, not with babies yoga class. It was my old Saturday class I was a regular at pre-Jasper, and never get to go to anymore. I forgot how awesome it is to leave feeling like every muscle in my body got worked and stretched. I really need to work on running less so I can do stuff like this, but it’s hard to give up a run.
So with a little luck, and a little pasta I hope to keep down, I am going to give it a go in the morning!


When you train for a big race, unless you are a professional runner, you know life will get in the way, so you go into it just hoping for the best. A couple weeks ago I was on a roll, getting faster and faster. I seem to have stalled a little. Now nothing terrible is going on…..it’s just all the usual, plus the Owl. Let’s see….Owl was still sick all weekend. His lab results finally came in, confirming he has a urinary tract infection. I almost cried to think he went all weekend long in pain, before the results came in. Now he is on antibiotics, and he is starting to return to being the baby who never stops smiling. But, he was glued to me all weekend. I was so worn out by Sunday night, when I finally got him to bed, I had one of my periodic Owl breakdowns. To top it off, both Mike and I seem to be fighting off the virus everyone seems to have right now. Mike has it more than I do, but I’ve been hit with intermittent bouts of aches and chills. Chomping lots of tylenol is keeping things at bay, but on the last 2 morning’s tempo runs, I was pushing as hard as I could, and coming up waaaaay short. I knew I had been knocked down a notch. Then there is just the regular old rat race….early meetings at work, errands to run after work, trying not to fall asleep while at work. Everything seems to have added up to just making me tired. Coffee and adrenaline have kept me going a long time, and now I wonder if the buzz is wearing off. But these things happen. I am hopeful the little slow down is temporary and in another few days I’ll have my energy back. Today was already better than yesterday, but still not normal. Hopefully this weekend’s 20 miler will go off without a hitch.

Still, I am thankful I am up to this point. Sometimes it seems like a long time ago I was meeting Meredith to power walk around Mueller since I wasn’t running yet. Sometimes it seems like it was just a short time ago I was home with a new baby taking my daily walk. There was a time 20 miles didn’t seem possible. Now I don’t know how I ever ran a 50 miler or a 100K. That seems so far.
I forgot to mention on my last post I tried a high protein recovery smoothie. As soon as possible after the run, I made myself a smoothie with plain greek yogurt, a banana, a little juice and a handful of berries. Maybe it is the placebo effect, but I swear I felt much better the rest of the day than I did for the previous weekend’s 18 miler. I’ve read a lot in different places about how much a recovery protein drink or meal can help, and just getting calories ASAP. I felt good enough throughout the day that I am going to do it again. Any little burst of energy, placebo or not is welcome when you have a little Owl to entertain all day.


Today was my first 20 miler in over a year and a half. 20 miles seems to be the mark that most runners declare as entering really long run territory. It is a run you must psych yourself up for the night before. You must prep with a good dinner the night before, and if you can, get plenty of rest. Well, I missed out on the rest part, but I started with a good dinner of tofu and butternut squash with couscous. Dark chocolate for dessert. The Owl is still sick, so as expected he slept like complete poo again. I wanted to cry when my alarm went off at 4:10, and I was still in his room, rocking him from his 3am wakeup. Anyhow, onto better things…

Mark was kind enough to meet me at 5am. The plan was to run to town lake, run the exposition loop with Steve, run home. Our route takes us through UT. It was the first home game today. I will not do this route again with so many tailgaters! I was totally humiliated to run through them with a ratty ponytail, shuffling feet, while slurping down a GU. More on that part later. It went quick to get to town lake. I still have to hit a bathroom every hour or so, and Mark and Steve were nice enough to wait for me. I can toss Steve my water bottle now, so he can refill it for me, as I sprint towards the bathroom. I am loving the new chocolate mint GU, and I slurped one down and we headed out towards Expo. Mark was feeling like he was getting sick, and decided to cut it a little shorter and head back towards home. Steve and I had a great run, it flew by, and after bathroom stop # 2, I was onto my last little chunk. For those who live in Austin, I ran the Jefferson loop backwards to Enfield, then took 15th to Red River, cut through UT, and then back onto Manor all the way home. Major hills!! I was not loving this route with hills, and lots of traffic at 715 am due to tailgaters.
Today I never looked at pace. I still haven’t checked it. I told Mark it was just about checking the 20 miler box off. I tried to stay positive on the way home. I found Mark with a mile to go, and we kicked it in…as much as I could. I was tired. Last week I had a lot of energy still. This week not so much, but maybe it was do to weather. It was super muggy. It felt fantastic to hear the beep of my garmin at 20 miles. So that’s it. I ran 20 miles today.

Owl sickness sucks…

The Owl is sick. This time he is more sick than usual. He gets an upper respiratory cold about every other week due to day care. His nose runs, he’s a touch fussy and it is over pretty quick. This time is different. Yesterday I had to get him a little early because he had a fever of 102.4. He had been very clingy and needy all weekend…kinda making it a little bit of a tough weekend. So it made sense something was wrong. Only he had no congestion or runny nose. I had to stay home from work with him and took him to the doctor. She thinks he has a urinary tract infection, so 4 people had to pin down the Owl so he could get a catheter. Needless to say, he was not happy, totally pissed off is more like it. So today we had his first and hopefully last trip to the children’s hospital, but just for the lab. He clung to me like glue all day, and howled off and on. It’s a pretty tiring way to spend the day. I couldn’t really take him anywhere since he had such a high fever, and he gets bored at home all day. We watched The Muppets Take Manhattan, he hung out on me in the ergo carrier while I cooked, he sat on my lap a lot….I think I need a massage….the Owl is almost 20 pounds now. He was awake from 3am to 430am. I took at nap from 430 to 500 then went out for a run and got poured on thanks to hurricane Hermine. The little lake at the Mueller development where I run had flooded and water was up to the top of the picnic tables. My pace was all over…..I was really tired, so I had to push, but then I would hit a major water crossing up to my knees. I needed to go out knowing what the day would be like, and I was right. It took a lot of patience….something I am not good at, but working on. Poor little Owl. Nothing hurts me like watching him hurt and not being able to take it away from him.

So yes, despite coming off a holiday weekend, I am ready for the weekend! Mike is taking Owl duty tomorrow, so I am off to work. Hopefully by Friday the little Owl who smiles non-stop will be back.

One down, three to go…

…long runs until the Frankenthon that is. This weekend was the first truly long run. My ultra friends will probably laugh that I think 18 miles is long, but it takes over 2 hours, you need to take in calories to get through and not feel like crap, and on the roads, your legs will feel it when you’re done. I started the night before by making an awesome pasta dinner. Whole wheat spaghetti, and I made a terrific sauce with tomatoes, artichoke hearts, olives, fresh basil , and a dark chocolate covered banana for dessert. I made some banana bread to have pre-run too. Mark met me at 5am and we decided to run from my house to town lake, do most of Steve’s run with him, and then head home when we got to Hyde Park. It was 18 miles exactly. Getting to town lake didn’t take long at all. It’s scary that it is at least a 20 minute drive for me, but we ran it in 1 hour and it was just shy of 7 miles. From there, mentally we both thought, “ok, from here on out just we’re heading home.” It went by fast. I didn’t want to run too slow, but I also didn’t stress about a time goal. We did the last part at around 8-8:20 miles, so that was good. Overall the average pace was too slow for Boston pace, so that was bad. I felt like we ran pretty steady, so I need to figure out where I lost time. Mark is very capable of running faster, so any faltering from the desired pace, is my fault.

I got home and tried to eat a little a stretch right away. The Owl was napping, so I had a little time. I took an “ice” bath (I just use cold water, I really cannot handle sitting in ice) and a shower. I ate some Irish oatmeal. I still ended up feeling a little tired/ hung over. Runners know this feeling….you’re a little dehydrated, a little over-fatigued. Still functional, but you cannot say the run didn’t knock you around a bit. We later went to Chuy’s for the Hatch green chili days, and that helped. I got pretty sleepy in the afternoon, but by evening I was doing good. I guess I did something right, because this morning I felt fine.
Lessons from this one: I probably needed to fuel a little better post run. I also feed Jasper after a run, so that is a lot of fluid and calories leaving me. I think if I had done that I wouldn’t have had a little down spell. Next week is 20 miles. My first 20 miler in over a year and a half! 20 miles kinda makes a true long run. I am excited, and anxious to see if I can keep up my pace. Another little issue from this run was I seriously need routes with bathrooms. We had one at mile 6 and then nothing for 12 more miles. I just can’t make it more than an hour without some serious discomfort. That made the end an extra struggle. I run with guys, and I know they don’t get it, but that is just how running is going to be for me from now on after having Jasper. Next week we will plan a slightly better route. Although, it was awesome to finish a long run at my doorstep.
Today we did the danish run (8 miles). I felt fine, but did run at a relaxed pace. It was a relief to not be sore though, so I either didn’t push hard enough yesterday, or I am not too out of shape. Or maybe a little of both.
So, up this week: baby yoga today, hopefully free day of yoga tomorrow…if Jasper allows (all Austin yoga studios have free classes, I encourage everyone to take advantage), an 8 mile hill run, a tempo run, recovery run , and a Pancake run.