Happy 7 month birthday Jasper…

Today marks 7 months of Owl. He celebrated by spitting up a lot and jumping every minute I saw him. And I don’t see much of him Monday-Friday, just a couple hours a day.

Owl has made the summer fly by. I am always so busy, I cannot believe how quickly it went. It is still 100 degrees, but fall is right around the corner. We have Halloween coming up, and then time to start thinking about Jasper’s first Christmas (I already know I want a REAL tree this year!).
Jasper is now a “big” baby as opposed to the tiny little 5 pounder he was at birth. He has a little tooth, and pseudo-crawls. He eats 2 meals of solid foods a day. He seems fond of sweet stuff just like his mama. He still breastfeeds, which means little sleep for me, aka mama. So, yes most nights he still gets up 3-6 times. He has a lot of excess energy and I already found out I can enroll him in gymnastics at age 1 (thanks for the idea, Mark). He needs to jump off his energy. He loves Sesame Street and Murray is his favorite character. He could still spend forever and a day in his exersaucer. His new favorite toy is a little mouse we bought at Ikea for $2. He sleeps with it (when he does sleep). He goes nuts if I toss him in the air and catch him, but he’s heavy now, so my arm get a work out! He likes to play catch and will cracks him up. He still sees Pancake as something to pull, so we are working on that.
I can’t believe I’ve been back at work for 4 months. I try and be as productive as I can despite fighting off sleep just about every afternoon. I also have learned not to even try and make up time….it I lose time on something, it’s gone. Taking it away from Jasper isn’t worth it. Our weekdays can be pretty frenzied, but I manage to make dinner most nights (we eat a lot of tofu stirfry…it’s easy), hop on the computer from time to time, and occasionally I might even get to do yoga or work on stretching. We need to try a baby sitter again. We’ve only done it once, so only once in 7 months have we gone out together sans Owl…I think it is time to start doing more.
I am still working on a lot of “my” stuff. I don’t see my friends enough, I still wonder how “ultra” moms really do it, I have about 10 new hobbies I want to start, and I miss doing things with Mike. It is easy to get frustrated, but then Owl will give me one of his smiles when I really need it, and give me his “reach-y arms” and things seem a little easier.
Happy 7 months, Little Owl.

2 thoughts on “Happy 7 month birthday Jasper…”

  1. As I've said before, I can totally relate to your dilemma of trying to squeeze more things into the day and be an "Ultra Mom!" I don't see how you do all that you do on so little sleep! You sound like you are doing a great job and I totally admire you! Those little baby smiles make it all so totally worth it!

  2. Wow I can't believe he's 7 months now! He's so freaking cute! We should do a double date without the babies sometime…for real. We could also do babysitting swap. I've been doing that with some other mamas and it works out nicely and its free. Meela would love to play with Jasper. So seriously….let's make something happen soon. Keep up the great work!

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