One down, three to go…

…long runs until the Frankenthon that is. This weekend was the first truly long run. My ultra friends will probably laugh that I think 18 miles is long, but it takes over 2 hours, you need to take in calories to get through and not feel like crap, and on the roads, your legs will feel it when you’re done. I started the night before by making an awesome pasta dinner. Whole wheat spaghetti, and I made a terrific sauce with tomatoes, artichoke hearts, olives, fresh basil , and a dark chocolate covered banana for dessert. I made some banana bread to have pre-run too. Mark met me at 5am and we decided to run from my house to town lake, do most of Steve’s run with him, and then head home when we got to Hyde Park. It was 18 miles exactly. Getting to town lake didn’t take long at all. It’s scary that it is at least a 20 minute drive for me, but we ran it in 1 hour and it was just shy of 7 miles. From there, mentally we both thought, “ok, from here on out just we’re heading home.” It went by fast. I didn’t want to run too slow, but I also didn’t stress about a time goal. We did the last part at around 8-8:20 miles, so that was good. Overall the average pace was too slow for Boston pace, so that was bad. I felt like we ran pretty steady, so I need to figure out where I lost time. Mark is very capable of running faster, so any faltering from the desired pace, is my fault.

I got home and tried to eat a little a stretch right away. The Owl was napping, so I had a little time. I took an “ice” bath (I just use cold water, I really cannot handle sitting in ice) and a shower. I ate some Irish oatmeal. I still ended up feeling a little tired/ hung over. Runners know this feeling….you’re a little dehydrated, a little over-fatigued. Still functional, but you cannot say the run didn’t knock you around a bit. We later went to Chuy’s for the Hatch green chili days, and that helped. I got pretty sleepy in the afternoon, but by evening I was doing good. I guess I did something right, because this morning I felt fine.
Lessons from this one: I probably needed to fuel a little better post run. I also feed Jasper after a run, so that is a lot of fluid and calories leaving me. I think if I had done that I wouldn’t have had a little down spell. Next week is 20 miles. My first 20 miler in over a year and a half! 20 miles kinda makes a true long run. I am excited, and anxious to see if I can keep up my pace. Another little issue from this run was I seriously need routes with bathrooms. We had one at mile 6 and then nothing for 12 more miles. I just can’t make it more than an hour without some serious discomfort. That made the end an extra struggle. I run with guys, and I know they don’t get it, but that is just how running is going to be for me from now on after having Jasper. Next week we will plan a slightly better route. Although, it was awesome to finish a long run at my doorstep.
Today we did the danish run (8 miles). I felt fine, but did run at a relaxed pace. It was a relief to not be sore though, so I either didn’t push hard enough yesterday, or I am not too out of shape. Or maybe a little of both.
So, up this week: baby yoga today, hopefully free day of yoga tomorrow…if Jasper allows (all Austin yoga studios have free classes, I encourage everyone to take advantage), an 8 mile hill run, a tempo run, recovery run , and a Pancake run.

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