Owl sickness sucks…

The Owl is sick. This time he is more sick than usual. He gets an upper respiratory cold about every other week due to day care. His nose runs, he’s a touch fussy and it is over pretty quick. This time is different. Yesterday I had to get him a little early because he had a fever of 102.4. He had been very clingy and needy all weekend…kinda making it a little bit of a tough weekend. So it made sense something was wrong. Only he had no congestion or runny nose. I had to stay home from work with him and took him to the doctor. She thinks he has a urinary tract infection, so 4 people had to pin down the Owl so he could get a catheter. Needless to say, he was not happy, totally pissed off is more like it. So today we had his first and hopefully last trip to the children’s hospital, but just for the lab. He clung to me like glue all day, and howled off and on. It’s a pretty tiring way to spend the day. I couldn’t really take him anywhere since he had such a high fever, and he gets bored at home all day. We watched The Muppets Take Manhattan, he hung out on me in the ergo carrier while I cooked, he sat on my lap a lot….I think I need a massage….the Owl is almost 20 pounds now. He was awake from 3am to 430am. I took at nap from 430 to 500 then went out for a run and got poured on thanks to hurricane Hermine. The little lake at the Mueller development where I run had flooded and water was up to the top of the picnic tables. My pace was all over…..I was really tired, so I had to push, but then I would hit a major water crossing up to my knees. I needed to go out knowing what the day would be like, and I was right. It took a lot of patience….something I am not good at, but working on. Poor little Owl. Nothing hurts me like watching him hurt and not being able to take it away from him.

So yes, despite coming off a holiday weekend, I am ready for the weekend! Mike is taking Owl duty tomorrow, so I am off to work. Hopefully by Friday the little Owl who smiles non-stop will be back.

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