Today was my first 20 miler in over a year and a half. 20 miles seems to be the mark that most runners declare as entering really long run territory. It is a run you must psych yourself up for the night before. You must prep with a good dinner the night before, and if you can, get plenty of rest. Well, I missed out on the rest part, but I started with a good dinner of tofu and butternut squash with couscous. Dark chocolate for dessert. The Owl is still sick, so as expected he slept like complete poo again. I wanted to cry when my alarm went off at 4:10, and I was still in his room, rocking him from his 3am wakeup. Anyhow, onto better things…

Mark was kind enough to meet me at 5am. The plan was to run to town lake, run the exposition loop with Steve, run home. Our route takes us through UT. It was the first home game today. I will not do this route again with so many tailgaters! I was totally humiliated to run through them with a ratty ponytail, shuffling feet, while slurping down a GU. More on that part later. It went quick to get to town lake. I still have to hit a bathroom every hour or so, and Mark and Steve were nice enough to wait for me. I can toss Steve my water bottle now, so he can refill it for me, as I sprint towards the bathroom. I am loving the new chocolate mint GU, and I slurped one down and we headed out towards Expo. Mark was feeling like he was getting sick, and decided to cut it a little shorter and head back towards home. Steve and I had a great run, it flew by, and after bathroom stop # 2, I was onto my last little chunk. For those who live in Austin, I ran the Jefferson loop backwards to Enfield, then took 15th to Red River, cut through UT, and then back onto Manor all the way home. Major hills!! I was not loving this route with hills, and lots of traffic at 715 am due to tailgaters.
Today I never looked at pace. I still haven’t checked it. I told Mark it was just about checking the 20 miler box off. I tried to stay positive on the way home. I found Mark with a mile to go, and we kicked it in…as much as I could. I was tired. Last week I had a lot of energy still. This week not so much, but maybe it was do to weather. It was super muggy. It felt fantastic to hear the beep of my garmin at 20 miles. So that’s it. I ran 20 miles today.

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