Random thoughts…

Jasper always gets put into pink accessories. At day care they supply the bibs, and I have picked him up countless times to find him in a pink bib that says “I’m not a boy.” Poor Owl. And he seemed very fond of this pink party hat at Leah Garel’s birthday today. I got him a bowl with owls all over it, but it is pink, so Mike got upset with me. I don’t think it really matters, but think it is funny that the Owl always gets pink things.

I managed to run 15 today. I didn’t try to reschedule my 20 miler, as experience dictates that rescheduled runs always seem to go bad. I just figured, flip flop the schedule and attempt it next weekend. I have to start by saying Mark and Steve are very good friends to accommodate my ever growing list of running needs. Mark meets me early, does a crazy back to back weekend, and always is willing to run my pace. Steve was willing to buy a $3 muffin so I could hit my second bathroom on the run, and brought water for Mark and I so we didn’t die in the 90% humidity. It’s nice to know they are on my side to help me see another marathon. I had a great run though, and no feelings of illness or IT soreness (another fun issue this week). I am totally embarrassed that I am super sore from yoga. I would go to this class pregnant and not get this sore. It seemed a lot harder than I remember. I guess baby yoga really isn’t maintaining things for me.
At the birthday party today, the room was divided into those who have kids and those who do not. Those who do not all tended to be hardcore runner/ triathletes. I somewhat looked at them longingly and thought “that used to be by world, not any more.” But was it, really? I’ve never really fit into the runner/ triathlete community here. I have some wonderful lifelong friends I’ve met, but I’m just not that good. It was just a hobby for me, and it’s still just a hobby. Maybe years down the road I can do what I used to but for now I just don’t know where to find the time, and I suppose that is ok. Our lives go through cycles and priorities change. Not really a new thought, it was just strange to actually see in front of me today.
Have a good week, everyone, and we’re going to try and stay healthy around here.

1 thought on “Random thoughts…”

  1. That's funny. I was looking at that other group with a very different perspective. With so many nieces and nephews, I've attended a LOT of kids' parties with no kids. Today, I was thinking that life is SO much better now with a little one to accompany me to parties like this. Now, I get to enjoy them again through her excitement (which will only grow as she gets older). I was actually feeling a little sorry for the non-parent group that was there. I know what it is like to be them, and now I know how much fun they are missing . . . P.S. I think Jasper looks good in Pink. Let me know if he wants to borrow any . . . Amelia has LOTS!

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