Lots going on as always, none of it very interesting to anyone but me, but here goes.

After having terrible runs everyday last week, things finally are going really well this week (so far). I ran a marathon pace run with the goal being to feel relaxed and not like I was pushing. I had to keep telling myself to relax, but I hit my goal time. Today was a recovery run with Pancake. I pay no attention to time and just run. It was nice to see I ran my middle miles at marathon pace without trying. I am one month out from re-entering the world of distance running. Training for this run has been really fun. I get to experience the feeling of being a first time marathoner all over again, but with a little more confidence. At this point, I have no doubts I have enough endurance to cover the distance. It’s just a matter of how fast can I do it. Anyhow, I am excited I can finally feel like I have a big race around the corner.
Poor Owl. He hasn’t had good luck lately! First his UTI, then he had a couple bad days at school, now, thanks to Kitty, I found out his formula has been recalled because there were beetle parts and larvae found in it. Ick. He has a couple of bottles of formula every day, because he out eats what I can give him. I know he’s a Tim Burton fan, but I that is truly Beetlejuice!
In more Owl news, he finally put it all together and can crawl and pull up. He did it all at once after months of crying whenever he couldn’t figure it out. Only bad thing is now when he wakes up at night (he still hasn’t figured out sleeping), I walk in his room to find him standing in his crib bouncing up and down half crying/ half laughing. He did this from 130 am to 230 am last night.
I have really been enjoying running podcasts at work. Check out runningpodcasts.org. Who knew there were so many? I really like Run Vegan Run, and Running to Disney. I still have a lot to check out, but if you can listen while you work, I recommend checking out this site. I recommend starting whatever podcast you pick at the first episode. I started a couple in the middle and it doesn’t flow as well.
Up this weekend: 18-20 miler, car maintenance (yuck), brunch with some friends,and Curious George’s birthday party at BookPeople for Owl.

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