Cupcakes make me happy…

No, I did not eat all of these at once! I had to give a lot away or I would eat them all. I’ve had a Sugar Mama’s gift certificate for about a year and a half now. I kept saving it for a dinner party or something, but finally admitted I would never make it down there and since we were there today with Mike’s aunt and uncle, we cashed it in.

Today the scheduled called for 20. Mark suggested I run from my house and meet the group for a Scenic loop. It would be 18.5 and not 20, but it was a good compromise, so I did it. Running from my house alone at 500 to town lake was a little bit scary, but my motivation was that I had people waiting for me.
Let me back up a bit though….Jasper had some really, really bad nights this week. I spent 80% of my night in a chair one night and was still in the chair when my alarm went off. I cried. He is almost 8 months old. I shouldn’t still be up all night. Something had to give, so we decided to try the cry it out method. Huge mistake. It only made a bad situation worse, once he had worked himself up to a point I thought was dangerous, it took a couple hours to get him back down. It made me feel beyond guilty and horrible that as his comforter and protector, I let him down and left him abandoned and frightened. We both calmed down and I finally got him to sleep. Just as I was getting my shoes on the leave at 455 am, he started crying, summoning me. I felt really guilty, but I told Mike I had to go or I would never make it on time to meet the group. I am so thankful Mike was willing to step in at that hour. It took me 6 miles to convince myself I wasn’t the most horrible, selfish person in the world for leaving my baby and my sleepy husband to deal with him. But that is the nice thing about a run. You can work through just about anything as you run through the streets at 500am. I watched a lot of UT tailgaters getting ready, so I wasn’t really out there alone, and once I hit Clarksville, there were folks getting out with their dogs. I had a nice 2nd part of the run with Steve and Meghan, Mark was out sick (get well soon Mark!). I got home and was relieved that Mike said Jasper was just ready to get up when I had left and they had been playing and walking around the the block. Ok, relieved he wasn’t crying, but slightly disturbed he now thinks 5am is wake up time. That’s my only time to myself right now!
So, I felt good on the run. I finished and felt like I had some more miles in me. I didn’t get my high protein smoothie, I just had yogurt and I did not feel as good all throughout the day…a little tired. I am sold on an ASAP post run protein smoothie. I am going to research a little on protein powders and start keeping all the ingredients on hand, so I don’t make sad little smoothies like last week’s (greek yogurt, skim milk, banana….it was kinda milky). If anyone does recovery smoothies, please let me know what you put in them and if you use a protein supplement. This is uncharted territory for me.
So, a good run to work out some mental woes. Jasper reset his bedtime tonight and went down 2 hours later than normal, so I am hoping that means he’ll go longer without waking up. Hey, that’s all I can do….be hopeful. In baby yoga the instructor told me “The universe doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” Dang universe..quit thinking I am tough and quit upping the ante…let the poor Owl sleep!

3 thoughts on “Cupcakes make me happy…”

  1. I found your blog randomly, and I'm enjoying reading about another new mom (I don't run or have a dog, so my interest is in you and Owl). I have two kids (age 2 & 4), and I wish I'd found some of these blogs when my first baby was new.Regarding sleeping at night: No, you shouldn't still be up all night, but both of you need to learn some things about getting back to sleep before you're likely to see changes. Your baby needs to learn how to put himself to sleep without getting help from you. You need to learn how to give him some reassurance, but at the same time withdraw from helping him go to sleep. In the evening, do you hold him until he's asleep and then put him in his crib? Imagine if you fell asleep on the couch cuddled against your husband, and woke up to find yourself on a mat in a room all alone – you wouldn't be able to just roll over and settle back to sleep! Try putting him in bed when he's dozy but not yet really asleep.Do you feed him every time he wakes up at night? If you do, try getting him to go to sleep without feeding, and then reduce the number of times you feed him all night. At 8 months, he can probably go 6-8 hours without eating, but if he's used to eating at a certain time, he'll keep feeling hungry at that time if you keep feeding him.Once I knew my babies could go to sleep without being held, and didn't need to eat in the night (with my second baby, I fed her once in a 9-10 hour window over night instead of trying to get an 8 hour window without feedings), I did everything I could to avoid picking them up if they woke at night: I'd pat them, talk / sing quietly to them, even put my arms around them in the crib, but not pick them up. I did this with my son when he was 6-7 months old. My daughter figured it out more on her own, but I still stuck to the principle of not picking her up at night if possible (eg. I'd put her down for the night around 8pm, feed her around 1-2am, and again at 5-6am, but if she woke at any other time I would leave her in bed and do everything I could to soothe her without taking her into my arms or sitting in the chair with her). My son has been a great sleeper since he was about 7-8 months old, and my daughter has generally been a good sleeper. I started researching about babies sleeping when my son's sleep patterns deteriorated when he was just past 5 months old. Two really good books I found in the library were: "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley, and "Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems" by Richard Ferber (look for the 2006 edition rather than the 1985 edition). I avoided the Ferber book for a while because he's a proponent of the "cry it out" method, but there's a lot of other useful information in there.When you're getting up at 5am to run for a couple hours, you definitely need a decent sleep – hope this helps!

  2. Must say…one thing I'm not looking forward to. Lack of sleep! That is so tough! I remember that with my son (he's 4 now, so it was long ago!). I do remember Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child being a helpful book. But I don't remember much of the advice! Let me know what you find regarding protein shakes. I need to do some research myself. I did make a smoothie the other day that was pretty good: 1 whole banana, strawberries (as many as you'd like), 1 cup of milk, flax seeds and almond or peanut butter. The recipe called for 2 tbsp of a nut butter, but I love peanut butter so I put a little bit more than the recommended amount. Would of been great to add some protein for recovery. (Although nut butters do have protein!).

  3. Rome started waking up lots at 7 months – and since we have no crib, he would crawl to our bed. So we started basically co-sleeping again to maintain as much sleep for everyone as possible. It's not so bad and they can go back to their own bed. Think about it. Maybe the teeth are coming?I love long runs for working everything out.xoxo!

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