What a week….and it’s only Wednesday. Thank you to everyone for their suggestions to get the Owl to sleep. They were timely, as this has been our worst week yet. He’s been up every half an hour to hour. Last night I swore if I didn’t sleep I would lose it. I’ll spare the gory details, but I ended up with 1.5 hours of sleep for me, at the end of a week of 2-4 hours. Work was painful today. This weekend I am going to really try and get to the root of what is causing this. There is a reason sleep deprivation is considered a form of torture, and I am convinced you could get someone to admit to anything once they are sleep deprived enough. It really messes with your head. On top of it we all have some version of the Owl’s latest cold, so none of us are 100%, and when you add that to sleeping a couple hours a night, it makes for major grouchiness.

We also had some bad day care news that they want to move Jasper in with the toddlers on Monday. These kids have a rigid schedule and are 12-18 months old. They are moving him and one other baby to make room for more infants. I am pissed they gave me no notice, I have to pay for the next month on October 1, so leaving them for another daycare in such a short time span is unlikely, and I don’t really have a choice. It could work, but an 8 month old is very different from an 18 month old, and I am worried his needs won’t be met. I am looking into other daycares just in case. It was a big wrench thrown into our lives though. I thought I had reliable childcare, and now I don’t feel like I don’t. I’ve had a lot of suggestions from folks though, so I am optimistic that we will find something. I will miss how easy it is to have daycare basically at my work, but no convenience is worth it if they do not take good care of Jasper.
Anyhow, in better news I have a very good shot at being a pace group leader for the Austin marathon in February. Getting an email about it was the brightest spot in my week. I had so much fun in 2009, and it like reliving the feeling for finishing a marathon for the first time all over again.
In my own training news, when I am getting this little sleep, training is all about doing the best I can do. Pace and tempo runs are hard when 8 hours of sleep is my week total. I am out there every morning, but maybe not as quickly as I would like. This weekend Mark and I have a 23 mile route mapped out. I am ready to finish it and really know I am a distance runner once again.
So yeah, a bit of a down week. Once I can get the sleeping under a little control I hope to be a little more optimistic. On that note, it is 830, Jasper is asleep, so I am going to try and sneak in a little nap before we wakes up

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  1. Regarding the age-ranges at day-care: I would think the babies (eg. 8 months old) would command more attention from the caregivers than the older toddlers in the group, since they can't walk, can't feed themselves, and can't communicate verbally. If I had a 16-18-month old in that group, I would be worried my child would lose out on time and attention to the smallest kids in the group.

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