The Owl sleeps!

Mike took all these cool praying mantis photos and they are the only new ones I have, so you get to enjoy them.

Jasper is doing much better. I reread my last post, and I hate that I sound so doom and gloom…but a week of just a couple hours of sleep each night will do that…especially when the 2 hours is in a few 30 minute increments. He gave me a couple 4 hour stretches the last 2 nights, and I feel fine on that. I did nothing different, so I don’t think I will ever know why some nights are fine, and some aren’t. I still look forward to the day I put him down to bed and it doesn’t begin a countdown of “when will he wake up?”, but for now, I will take the 3-4 hour stretches. Last night I had to get up 3 times with him, but that is a huge improvement from about a dozen times earlier in the week. I hope tonight is a good one for my 23 miler tomorrow.
And as far as daycare goes, I got a lot of good suggestions from folks, so I don’t feel as bad. I would love for his current situation to work out, since it is right at my work, but if it doesn’t I feel like I have a couple options to look into.
So, despite how I might have sounded, I have some good stuff going on. I won’t lie, that there have been some tough times when I wish desperately for more time, as it is just hard to manage everything in 24 hours….but when you don’t sleep I guess you get a little more time (haha). But our weather is good, I think summer is finally over. I had awesome pace runs this week, despite so little sleep (it was the weather, not me), and I still cannot believe I am about to do my peak run for my marathon training. A year ago I didn’t think I would ever get back to being able to run that long.
Ok, gotta get ready for work, while the Owl sleeps 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Owl sleeps!”

  1. It's perfectly ok to be gloomy sometimes! 🙂 It shows that you are a normal mom. I get a little skeptical of moms who are totally upbeat ALL the time. It doesn't mean you are any less of a SUPERMOM!

  2. It's so good to read that you are back at 23 miles…I'm sure I'll be feeling like that soon! (Will I ever run a marathon again thought- even though you know you will). Hope he sleeps! So tough!

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