As good as it gets…

Yesterday was the longest run for my first marathon as a mom. It was a little over 23 miles. I was worried about this one due to the Owl sleeping so bad all week. We had a full weekend too with Mike’s sister and niece here, so I knew I just had to get up very early and get this run done. Mark was kind enough to meet me at 5am, and we were off.

Jasper slept as good as he is capable of the night before. 2 wake ups. That’s it. That is huge for him, and I was so happy I wasn’t trying to do the run on 2 hours sleep. I ate a little later the night before than I wanted, but tried to fret about it. Thai bean noodles with tofu. I had a banana and some blueberry coffee cake before I headed out…it was all we had. I left Mike instructions to make my post run smoothie at 830 to be ready for me the minute I walked through the door. Jasper stayed asleep while I got ready to go, always a good thing.
Ok, back to the run. We ran to meet the group at town lake. The 6.5 miles flew by, and a bonus for me, I had no bladder discomfort/ issues. Sorry for the TMI details, but for my new mom and mom to be friends, they’ll understand. I still hit the bathroom, as I tossed by bottle to Mark to refill. I’ve developed a regular Indy pit stop now as I sprint to the bathroom and someone refills my water bottle for me. I had a GU, and we were off the the second part of the run.
Steve, Meghan and Frank joined us for the next 14 miles or so. The weather was good, and we chatted away. Frank had stashed water refills along the way, and I had the luxury of a Starbucks bathroom.
We left the group after a long pretty stretch down Shoal Creek Blvd. It seemed like we were really far from my house. For those from Austin, you understand that east Austin seems a world away. At this point we were almost done though. I really needed a third bathroom stop, so a slight accident occurred almost at the end. I just don’t see how a post partum bladder can withstand over 3 hours of running and 3 bottles of watered down gatorade. I have been assured by Mark there are a lot of bathrooms on course at the Frankenthon though.
But, other than a little accident the run went as good as a long run could. I didn’t worry about pace, as I just wanted to check the box that it was done. But we averaged 8:40s, and I did not stop my Garmin at traffic lights or water stops. I did stop it to run into Starbucks, but I think if we hadn’t had lights, we easily would have averaged 8:30s. My nutrition was spot on. I know it’s not as critical in a marathon as in an ultra, but it is still nice to run your final miles feeling good. We hit 8 minute pace at the end too, which was fantastic. My post run smoothie and cold bath worked well too. I still need to figure out a good protein powder, but for now I do a banana, a scoop of greek yogurt, skim milk and a handful of frozen blueberries. I drank it the minute I got home, so I think that helped too.
We later went to an Octoberfest about an hour away. I felt pretty good despite only having a beer and a potato pancake. I wouldn’t have normally done that, but sometimes you have to go with the flow. I was pretty tired by 930 though, but I didn’t feel that was unreasonable. I ran 23 miles, I was outside all day, I still was up a couple times during the night, and I had a 415 wake up. So, overall I was very happy with the final big effort for this race.
Today was an 8 mile danish run and I felt good. I was a little tight, but despite our big effort the day before, we ran well. I am happy to end the big runs on a confident note.
We are about to go for a little hike at McKinney Falls. So, I might get some cute new Owl photos. Until then, I give you another shot of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

3 thoughts on “As good as it gets…”

  1. Yippee!! On the protein:a ton of my vegan clients love Vega Protein (you can get it at Whole Foods, Central Market, and Sprouts). A couple of flavors but the choc and vanilla seem to be the most popular. Another option is rice based protein. The hemp or egg protein might make your tasty smoothie a little funky 🙂

  2. Couldn't have picked a more beautiful morning for that 23 miler, and it was a great route too. Roll on Frankenthon!!!Incidentally, I added some greek yogurt to my usual post-run superfood fruit smoothie concoction and it worked really well.

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