I have no new Jasper photos. We went hiking Sunday, and lugging the camera along was just yet another thing, so here is an old photo of Jasper and I having a pint at the Flying Saucer. He was the only one in the bar who had a stuffed rat at the table…

Our news for this week: the Owl is starting a new daycare in another week or so. I was a little nervous about some changes at his current daycare, and it prompted me just to investigate what was out there. A friend told me about a brand new, non-chain place right by us that turned out to be great. There is a huge sandbox, outside time everyday, snacks from a natural food chef, an effort to minimize plastic toys, they recycle, and lots of other cool things. Of course it costs a lot more, but I think in the long run it will be worth it. I will miss seeing Jasper everyday at lunch, but that was coming to an end anyway, as he was starting to cry when I left. So we are excited for a change that I think will be positive.
It is taper time. Like most runners I love/ hate to taper. On one hand it is nice to not to have a big run every Saturday, but I’ll miss that big run every Saturday. We still have some good workouts and this weekend is still a decent run, but I’ve peaked. I had a fantastic run today dipping way below marathon pace for my miles….I’m bummed tomorrow is an off day, but I have to be at work so early running isn’t an option, so I guess it’s good to force me into a day off. I am already wondering what is next. Hopefully I will get to be an Austin marathon pacer in February, if I am not I will still run it, but other than that, I have no plans. I am thinking about either the Waco or Prickly Pear 50K in the spring. I also want to do some of the local fall/ winter races. The Decker half marathon and the 3M half marathon are both possibilities. No Rocky Raccoon this year though. I just can’t justify leaving Jasper for a weekend to go to Huntsville, and I can’t justify putting Mike through the torture of being in a motel room in Huntsville all weekend with a baby.
Oh, and in other running news I looked into protein powders for post run smoothies. Meredith recommended the Vega brand. I went to Central Market to get it and was shocked that it was $65. A single serving envelope was over $3. I’ve never bought food supplements before, so I had no idea they were so expensive. The cheapest protein powder there was still $20, which is a lot for a food I may think is gross and throw away. But, $65?!? That is a race entry, a really cute running outfit, a few nights of eating out….you get the idea. So for now post run smoothies will be greek yogurt, skim milk, a banana and a handful of frozen blueberries.
Ok, I’d better get to bed. Jasper seems to have a good night, which for him is about 3-4 wakes ups, and then a bad night, which for him is 10-12 wake ups. Last night was 4 wake ups, but I was so tired I fell asleep in his room when I went to rock him. Steve recommend a super awesome rocking chair, but I swear, I am so sick of spending time in that thing, and sleeping half my night in it, I may have to donate it to charity when the Owl starts sleeping through the night.

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