Just awesome…

Just awesome is the only way to describe the last big push for the Frankenthon.    Mark and I did a 17 mile run.  16 miles were slated to be faster than race pace.  We had our usual 5am start, and then we just hit it.  We were on.  Or really I was, as this pace is no challenge for Mark.  The run went by in a blur, and we hit 8:20s or so mile after mile.   the last few we picked it up to sub 8s.  We even had some 7:45s for a true progression run.   We ran a cool down the last mile and still averaged an 8:28 pace.   It was a confidence builder for sure.  As long as nothing goes wrong, I have proven I can run a Boston qualifying pace.  But, anything can happen in a long run, and I am not quick enough that I have a large cushion built in.  I have a small one, but nothing allowing for a big lag.   I also tried to cut back my fluids a little bit.  I have a tendency to overdrink, and I think that was a huge factor in having to dash to the bathroom mid run.  I was much more comfortable this go round.   Next weekend is an easy 12.  I still have tempo runs this week, and then the next week is active recovery/ rest.   I talked to Mark about it that I am “trusting the plan”.  I have been using a Runner’s World plan, and it took me from 10 miles at a 9 minute pace to knocking off 30 seconds a mile for over 20 miles.  I feel good, the weather is good, so I am definitely holding back, but I am trusting this taper will work and I will go into the race rested and very ready.

I celebrated later with a Guinness, as it is officially Guinness weather.  Stephanie and Amelia came over so we could let the babies play, but it really amounted to preventing them from bothering Pancake and keeping them out of her food.  Amelia got to experience something Jasper gets multiple times a day:  Pancake’s leave me alone growl.

Today was a quick 8.3 miler Danish run.  We hit our pace, and Mark reminded me all I need to do is do this 3 times, since the course is 3 loops.  I got my usual take home muffins after the run and used every bit of my willpower to avoid purchasing a pumpkin cupcake.

So far it’s been a nice weekend.  Jasper is down for a nap before baby yoga, and the blog redo project has occupied all my time when he’s been down, so once again housework is neglected.  Oh well.  The biggest part of my learning to balance it all is that I can’t.  I always just have to pick a little something and let it go.  Not easy for the girl that used to it all.  I did manage to get my hair cut and colored yesterday, since I had noticed not only was I letting my house go, I seemed to be letting myself go, so maybe I at least look like I do it all now.  Well, probably not, I think the permanent dark eye circles give me away.   The Owl is worth it though…

5 thoughts on “Just awesome…”

  1. We like your new blog. Looks great. Amelia also noticed that her mama is not a “running mama.” Just wondering how many stroller miles we have to put in each week in order to make the cut?

  2. Hey Clea, I like the new blog. I’m gonna be in Austin Wednesday evening through Friday afternoon for a conference. You interested in getting together for a run one morning? I am staying downtown. Shoot me an email or comment on the blog. I sent Mark a message, too.

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