Day off…

I am off work today.  I had to take Jasper to his new daycare for a little while to help acclimate him.   I needed to be off work a couple of hours , and I’ll spare y’all the details, but with Jasper it is too hard to make up lost time at work.  I really just need to take a vacation day.  Good to spend time with him and get some things done, but bad to burn up a vacation day.  Oh, well, such is life.

We already went to the store and stocked up on groceries.  Hence the picture.  Jasper loves to grocery shop, while I find it kinda painful.  But having food is good.  I am really working on no junk at all in the house.  If I wouldn’t feed it to Jasper, I shouldn’t feed it to myself.  I started this when I was pregnant, and it’s been great to purge of most processed foods.  I still bought some Boca veggie burgers today though….  But, I’ve gotten really good at keeping around fruit and greek yogurt for snacks.  I do cheat with some frozen veggies now that I have Jasper.  At least once a week we make a big tofu stir fry and doing half frozen veggies saves a lot of prep time.   They have frozen butternut squash cubes at Central Market, and I’ve been dumping a bag of that into just about everything.   I am pleasantly surprised that we have managed to not get take out for every meal.  Just one night a week, and we usually stick to Thai or Vietnamese to keep in pretty healthy.    And speaking of healthy, we just visited Mike at work.  Steve Jobs is a vegan, so the Apple cafeteria has a vegan option every day.  We had smoked tofu over rice with a big bowl of coconut soup with broccoli and acorn squash.  Yeah, I am jealous.  My work’s cafeteria consists of burgers and chicken strips.

I’m really writing this blog post to play with WordPress some more and to avoid housework.  At first WordPress was hard just because I never used it, but now I am really liking it and I recommend it.  I still have a ton to play with and figure out and I only get small little spurts while the Owl is asleep, which isn’t much.  I have so many ideas for stuff I want to post on, but I just gotta find the time to sit down with it.    I have been very inspired by some of the healthy living blogs out there and I plan to start posting more recipes again.  I just gotta get out my good camera and get some pretty pictures and quit using my phone.  Although this picture was done with my phone and I think it is pretty cute…but I am biased.

Oh yeah, and today’s run.  Well I couldn’t really run longer because we still needed to be at the new day care pretty early, but I did a terrific 7.5 miler.  I did an 8:10 average pace.  Yay!  I ran most the miles sub 8, but I had a warm up and cool down so that brought up the average pace, but I am happy with anything in this range.  I am down to a week and half before I become a marathon runner again.

Ok…housework really does call.  Owls like to make a mess.

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