Pre race jitters…

The final week before a goal race is a very selfish time.   I think most runners are very focused on themselves and over analyze every little twinge and sniffle.  After all your hard work, the last thing you want is your race derailed by injury or illness.  Well, I am mad that I am sick!!!   I went to bed fine on Friday and woke up with a sore throat and incredibly sore on Saturday.

To back up a bit, Friday I took a hard fall on my morning run.  I skinned my knee a little, but the main part was my arms, neck, and shoulders took the stress of the impact.  I could tell throughout the day that I was going to be really sore in the morning.  Then, we had flu shots at work.   They are mandatory for us and I probably could have at least put it off until after the marathon, but I didn’t get sick from it last year, so I had no reason to think I would get sick this year.  So, you see where I am going….I woke up feeling like crap Saturday, and question if it was from the shot.

My soreness is a little better today, but I still feel like poop.    Yesterday we went out to Brushy Creek park to see the marathon course.  For those not in Austin, my race is really small in a suburban park.  It is only 200 runners, and the course is 3 loops of mixed concrete and granite.  It was a very nice park, but a few weeks ago it had flooded after a really heavy rain.  The water has receded, but there is a lot of damage.  The grass is all dead from being underwater.  I still think it looked like a nice course, but I freaked out that I was out of breath just walking a couple miles, thanks to this virus/ serum sickness/ cold or whatever the heck I have.

Poor Mike has been telling me not to worry all week.  I know I have the week to get better, but I don’t get much sleep and I chase the Owl non-stop.  All I can do is hope for the best.   One year I did Boston I started feeling sick on the plane and ran fever at the Expo and somehow just willed myself to be well on race day, and I was.  So, positive thinking is really the only medicine I have at this point.

There is also a rumor that some friends might come out and run some with Mark and I during the race.   While I am very flattered, please only come if you are just going to run with us and consider it your workout.  Please don’t compromise your run, time with your family, or weekend plans in anyway to watch us run loops.  But if you really want to run a loop, we start at 700, and need to do each loop in about an hour and 15 minutes.  So hopefully  we will start loop 2 about 815, and loop 3 about 930.

Ok, that’s about it for me.  I will try to be as selfish as I can with rest  and good nutrition .  I hope the Owl cooperates.    I am really looking forward to him seeing his mama finish a race!

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