Post marathon follow up…


Wildflowers on our walk

Pancake ruined her fall photo trying to eat scone crumbs.

I’ll be seeing a little more of the stroller very soon…


The post race high is over and the post race depression is setting in.    Other runners know what I am talking about.  It’s similar to a mild post partum depression.   The huge build up and anticipation is over, and now you think “what next?”  I do have a couple things coming up.  The Decker half marathon in early December and then the Austin Marathon in February.  There are some other shorter local races in between too.  So, I will have some training to resume at some point, but I am trying really hard to force recovery.   I was really sore Saturday afternoon, but things are much better now, and I did my first very gentle run today.  I am on a post race high and feel like I want to run, run, run, but I am trying really hard to recover.  In my ultra days, I was so bad about downtime.  I looked at pregnancy as a chance to start over again, and this time I want to be a smarter runner and keep those little nagging injuries away with proper rest.

In hindsight, training for this marathon was so good for me.  It helped me transition from ultrarunner/ trail runner into mom runner with full time job.  It gave me a doable goal.  I know some people run 50s and 100s with kids and jobs.  I just don’t know if I am there yet without taking time away from Jasper.  Maybe someday, but for now, I am enjoying running “fast”.  Yes, a relative term as my “fast” marathon is just training pace to some.  But, I worked hard for it and it was fast to me!

In other news, something I’ve been dreading is going to start up.  Mike travels a lot for work and managed to get out of it since Jasper’s birth, but no more.  His first trip won’t be too long, but it will task me with getting Jasper off to daycare, walking Cake,  getting off to work, etc, and trying to keep sane with no help.  I know single moms do it, I just haven’t had more than a day with no help at all.  I am going to have to get very creative to run.  I plan to manipulate my work schedule a little and manipulate my running schedule a little.  We start this weekend…Mike is going to a World Series game and we’ll be here.

These photos are all from my post marathon walk.  The best thing about a Saturday marathon is Sunday off work and a day off running.  I can’t say the Owl allowed for much rest, but I slept until 600, went for a long walk, got a latte and a pumpkin apricot scone.    Pancake went crazy for the crumbs and Owl got to watch the birds, he loves to watch birds.  Anyhow, it was a nice way to spend a Sunday morning.