Marathon Madness…

We are two weeks out from my goal marathon, and Mark has decided to train for White Rock in Dallas as his goal marathon.  Part of me wanted to jump on board right away, but then I thought about it and realized the travel with Jasper would be hard, and I promised myself I would not over race.    I’ve been listening to a ton of podcasts at work, and many focus on marathon running.  All week the New York Times has had great articles on marathoning and today watching the race was so much fun.  All this is giving me a bit of marathon fever….plus I am still on a little high from my race since I met my goal.

It got me thinking more and more about Boston.  I am kinda bummed I do not even have the option of entering this year.  Taking Jasper would have been hard, but he also flies for free right now, and that may not be the case in 2012.  Plus if it sold out in 8 hours this year, next year’s registration is going to be a cluster of epic proportions.  It may require some War Games like computer set up with a million internet lines constantly refreshing.   But, what can you do?  I’ve run it three times, so I may have to just be really happy with that.  Or maybe somehow, my registration will go through in 2012 (which seems like a really long way off!)

This week I re-entered the world of hard runs.  I did 16 Saturday, and made it a progression run ending with 7:45 pace with Mark for the last five miles or so.     This is a great work out you can do at any distance.  Just make sure your pace gets faster as you go and end at your quickest pace.

In non running news, Jasper had one night this week he slept for 8 hours straight!   The next night he was up twice and one of the times was for an hour 😦   But, I feel overall things are moving in the right direction.  I know this will still take some time, and won’t happen overnight (no pun intended).  It needs to start happening soon though, because lately I feel so overwhelmed and I think a lot of it is from being tired for so long.

I’ve been trying to make a lot of healthy dinners that I can try out on Jasper someday.  I tried roasted veggies for the first time and loved how easy it was and how different it made them taste.

I put them over wheat pasta with just a hint of marinara and fresh mozzarella.  It’s all about quick dinners these days.    The roasted broccoli was so yummy, and I highly recommend cooking it this way.

I also did a little power shopping.  None of my pre-pregnancy pants fit me anymore, and I realized that Owl’s wardrobe was much better than mine.  But shopping with an infant is really hard, plus I am a terrible shopper and I never feel like I find anything.  Mike and I were out running errands and he entertained the Owl while I dashed into Banana Republic.    Forget sales.  I didn’t even look at the price.  I found pants that fit, grabbed 2 pairs and ran out.   The Owl forces me into efficiency.

Lots coming up this week:  Mike goes to Canada, so the Owl and I are solo.  Mike has rigged me up a genius mobile baby alarm so I can run up and down the street.  So, we’ll see how it goes….


1 thought on “Marathon Madness…”

  1. Been absent from blogland…just spending some time catching up! I worry too, about not getting in for Boston in 2012…especially after this year. It’s not something I’m dying to do every year, but just once. I didn’t know you already ran it 3x!

    Tough to work, run, be a mother on little sleep! Hopefully it will change soon. I remember reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Weissbluth. I don’t want to come across as a know it all, and by no means do I know it all…but I remember it being helpful!

    nice dinner!

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