Weekend fun…

We had a crazy week last week and the weekend did seem to improve things.   Jasper had a Dr appt Friday and she recommended yogurt to help clear up his stomach flu (which it did), and she recommend we put him to bed much earlier even if he didn’t seem tired.  We tried it the last couple nights, and he had 1 wake up Friday night after we went to bed and 2 last night.  He did wake up both nights before we went to bed, but Mike got him back to sleep.  Still not perfect, but much better.  I have had some longer chunks of sleep now, it is a big improvement over just 2-3 hour chunks.  It seems we were missing his sleep window and he was getting overly tired.  I took an informal poll from a  mom list serve  I am on, and it sounds like you have to have some form of crying it out to get difficult sleepers to sleep all night.  So now we just need to figure out a good time to try things and it won’t be until after Thanksgiving.

In running news, I guess I am officially training for the Decker half marathon.  It will be fun to see if I can improve my pace.  This time it really doesn’t mean anything other than personal satisfaction…it’s not like I will qualify for anything, and there are so many really fast runners in Austin now I am waaaaaaay out of the running for any age group awards, unlike the good old days when I used to get them.  This weekend I gave things a whirl on our hilly 15 miler route to play around and see if I could hit sub 8 min/ pace.  Steve had sent me a link to an interview with NYC marathon 2nd place woman Shalane Flanagan that she did mostly  16-18 mile tempo runs for training.    So I thought I would copy her this weekend.  Not that I think I can be a top finisher at a major marathon, but I love a quick mid distance run.   It went very well, better than I expected.  I think it was because I had slept more than usual the night before, and it did make me wonder if I could have done my marathon faster if I had been more rested.  Oh well, it’s done now, but anytime the running gods hand me a good day I will take it.

This weekend flew by (don’t they all?).  We got to do some fun things.   Jasper got his first shoes.  I had some shoes when he was an infant but he never wore them.  His shoes cost a lot.  I spent more than I should have.   Carrie from Sex and the City would envy how cool Jasper’s feet now look.    I had two Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes.  I am ashamed to admit I am addicted to this almost $5 drink.  Mike, Jasper and I met the Kalahurkas at the Flying Saucer for delicious Real Ale Coffee porter and then I had a pumpkin gelato even though I was freezing, but I freakin’ love anything pumpkin.    The Owl picked out a giant snake stuffed animal that made me cringe, but he seemed to love it, so I got it and named him Snakeley.    I got to go to a real, for grown-ups and not for babies yoga class.  It was a short hatha flow class, but I sweated, I did a million planks and chaturangas.  My arms hurt today, that is a good thing.    We took a couple walks with Pancake.  It was cool enough to wear a jacket.  And, suddenly it is Sunday night.  Boo.

1 thought on “Weekend fun…”

  1. I had to eventually do the cry it out method- it works wonders! I was so against it at first, wanting to be able to soothe my baby to sleep. But I’ve got a stubborn one on my hands and once it worked, my sleep was amazing. But I understand everyone has a different opinion on that.

    Nice run! Jealous 🙂

    Adorable picture.

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