Most of us live or die by our schedules.   I am type A, so I am always plotting my whole day out:  run, stretch, core work, coffee, shower, feed Owl, play with Owl, work, pick Owl up from daycare, walk Pancake and Owl, make dinner/ feed Owl at same time, bathe Owl, put Owl to bed, and then I have a little time since Jasper now goes to bed early.  If I was like Mark, I would do at least an hour of strength training and then yoga.  If I was Liza I would run 35 miles on a treadmill, but most nights I spend my itty-bitty bit of free time on this computer reading friends’ blogs, having a glass of wine, watching Broadwalk Empire or Top Chef Just Desserts, folding a lot of laundry and thinking about the yoga DVDs calling my name.  Ok, sometimes I stretch while I watch shows, and I always seem to have some kind of housework, but I suck at night workouts.  I do such a good job getting up in the morning no matter what the weather or how little I have slept, but when it comes to doing anything at night that doesn’t involve my butt on a couch, I need to seriously motivate.  So for now I’ll keep reading blogs from folks who somehow manage to work up a sweat while The Office is on, and the internet calls, and hope they motivate me to turn that yoga DVD on.

In other schedule news, I have a big change.  I am going to start working a 4 day week.  Mostly I’ll work 32 hours, and there will be times I work more when we have big stuff going on.  I’ve been talking to my boss about this and she made it happen.  I work in a very specialized field, and I really did spend the first year I was at this job taking a lot of classes and things to train for it…it would be really hard to find another person, and my boss must have decided it was worth it to let me work just a little less in order for me to stay there.  Plus, I never wanted to quit, I like my job, I just needed a tiny bit of time with the Owl.  You see, we wouldn’t stave to death if I didn’t work.  We could still pay our bills.  Some things would have to go for sure.  I like that I can get Jasper what he needs without much worry, but I wonder if one day he’ll say what he really wanted was more time with me.  Whenever I sit down and play with him, I think,  we could get rid of all his toys, his cute coordinated outfits, and his beloved Sesame Street Murray DVR’d shows.  All he really wants is for us to spend time with him.  That’s all he has ever wanted.  It seemed worth it to me to try and find a way I could spend more time with him.  I know not everyone can do this, and if my boss hadn’t been so nice about it, I probably would have stuck it out at 40+ hours, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.  The best career advice I have got so far, is something a former manager nearing her retirement  told me, “You will never look back and say ‘I wish I would have worked more hours'”  So in a couple more weeks I will have 3 days to spend with the Owl! (ok, and another plus is a little more time to do all the STUFF I try and cram into the weekend).

Oh, and the photo has nothing to do with schedules.  It was my birthday this week, and Jasper got me these flowers.

4 thoughts on “Schedules!”

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it was a great one!

    Glad that you will get a day at home with the little one! That will be so great to be spending time with him!

    Wow, you are dedicated. I cannot imagine doing all of that in the morning before work. I’ve always been a morning workout person too, but I was just pressured to get home before my husband left for work- could shower and do all the other stuff during the day.

    I’m usually type A…until lately 🙂

  2. firstly, the owl has incredible taste in flowers.
    second-HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You’re amazing!
    thirdly, brilliant idea and execution about shortening your hours. i go through phases of tangible homesickness for my little guy and get creative with my work schedule so I can spend more of his happy easy-going hours playing with him too. So happy for this long holiday weekend so we can overdose on each others. They are like drugs, I swear.

  3. It just occurred to me that it would be funnier still if your tag line said “running in circles for miles…” Just a thought. Exploring you fun blog links now – I like the spaceman chronicles!

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