Three things…

I read the other day that Oprah said you can only really do three things well at once.   I’d have to say I agree.  Right now my three things are family, work and running.  I dabble in lots of other things, but anytime I try and make any of them a big thing in my life, the balance seems to tip.  So I guess for now I am appreciating my three things.

Whew, we are done with Thanksgiving.  It is always nice to visit family, but there is no way around admitting that travel with an infant is a massive pain in the butt.  There is so much extra stuff to haul, and haul home.  Jasper continues to do much better, but suffered a couple little hiccups due to traveling and not sleeping in his own bed.   I’m glad we are home and refocusing on his routine.   We must seem very rigid and inflexible to other people,  but trust me that you will do anything when you don’t sleep for 9 months.  If it works, it works!    Life is so much better now that we’ve made such big improvements.

I am currently sitting here in bed very sore due to trying Ashtanga yoga for the first time this weekend.  Wow!  What a workout.  I loved it, and plan on going again since the class is during one of Jasper’s naps.  For those who do not know it’s a little like “hot yoga”.  The poses are always the same, done in sequence, and there are a lot of twists and binds.  I am not really doing it justice here.  Let’s just say once again yoga has shown me how “out of shape” I am as a runner.   I am more sore from this than most races I’ve done….but I loved every minute of it.  I have a dream to one day take the yoga teacher training.  There is a course designed for people who work, so it is in the evenings.  I don’t think I could swing that with the Owl though, so it remains on my bucket list.

So what is up with my running?  Well, I’ve kinda sucked on workouts lately.  I did 20 2 weekends ago with Mark at a very quick pace for me.  I proceeded to get a full blown cold, and was so sore for a couple days, I ran but not very fast.   Thanksgiving out of town also screwed up hard runs.  Once again, I ran, but not very fast.  And then the Ashtanga  yoga class literally has me grimacing to go down stairs, so once again, did my run this morning, but not very fast.  Decker is next weekend.  We’ll see how I do.  I would like to keep it right at 8 minute miles.

Ok, new topic.  I am totally convinced of the benefits of a vegetarian/ vegan diet.  We’ve been eating veggie a lot, but mostly vegan…not doing a ton of cheese.  Mike has been doing 3 full veggie days a week, but not really cutting anything out…like microbrews, chocolate, etc.  Although he hasn’t weighed, he has to put his belt in 2 notches, and his pants are all too big.  All just from going veggie 3 days a week.  Wow!   Meanwhile, I just look at a goodie, and my thighs grow.   Oh well, at least I know we are building the foundations for healthy meals and treats for Owl.  My latest addiction is raw coconut butter.  Has anyone else had this stuff?  It is incredible.  I crumbled a spoonful in my cereal this morning….my addiction is getting serious.  I also continue to get pumpkin spice lattes any chance I get since their time is limited to the holidays….then I feel the shame that I just forked over $5 to corporate Starbucks.   We all have our vices…

Ok lots coming up:  my first week of working 32 hours (yay!), getting a real Christmas tree, redoing Owl’s bathroom (the theme is submarines…..I cannot wait to see how it turns out), and hopefully more Ashtanga yoga (I’m going to try hard to be a weekend regular if anyone wants to join me…let me know).

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