The hardest thing about being a mom who works outside the home are the illnesses.  It means you don’t get to pick your days off, you take them when the baby is sick, and it doesn’t matter what you’ve got going on at work…..if illness strikes, you’re outta there.  Such was the scenario today.  I had so much to do.  Mondays are so busy.  I was actually focused and gung-ho.   But then Jasper’s eyeballs had other plans.  Pink eye.   So home we both went. …and spent the afternoon fighting over letting me wipe goo out of his eyes.    I also have to miss work tomorrow to take him to the doctor.  But this video is really cute…..but I am quite biased.

In other news, congrats to Mark for getting his Boston ticket at the White Rock marathon…yay!!!  Also, I am not sure if the Country Music marathon will happen.  So, I am considering what to use my spring training on.  Have any of my Dallas friends done the Big D marathon?  It is the lead contender.

Ok, time to watch Boardwalk Empire and eat dark chocolate.


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