One year ago…

I love blogging to look back on things that seem like a long time ago and not at all at the same time.  Dang…was I really that big?  No wonder I threw my back out a couple weeks later.

Let’s see, what is going on?  Well, illness strikes again.  WTF?  I have laryngitis, cold, achey thing again.  For the second time is less than a month.  And why wouldn’t I?  I was well last week, and ever since Jasper went to daycare and I went back to work my body feels the need to test my immune system every other week.    So, yes, this week I was due to get sick.  Today was day 2 and it was the “everything hurts, I am freezing even though it is 75 degrees and I have a jacket on, and my eyeballs feel like they are burning up every time I blink.”  I also love to get sick on race weekends.  Yeah, this is one big whine, but I have lost count at how many times I’ve been sick in the last few months.  Now that Jasper is sleeping it is a little better because I am getting in bed in another hour and hopefully won’t wake up until morning.  It’s not like just a few week ago when I got sick and I was up most the night rocking him while I was shivering with achy joints.

On that note, I was telling Mike that somehow I feel like I had to go through all the really hard months with Jasper.  Now I am so appreciative of the time together and I have a lot of patience.   It really was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and I hope we never go back to that point.  It’s kinda like training really hard all summer for  a race, and then when the race happens it seem so much easier than what you put yourself through.  Except the training doesn’t make you sit up night sobbing, or doesn’t reduce your work output by half, and doesn’t make you completely insane.  Ok, bad analogy.  Babies are harder than races.

And speaking of races, I am leaning towards the Big D marathon as my next big goal.  There are a lot of spring ultra/ trail runs, and I just don’t have a huge desire to do them.  My goal this year has been to get faster and an ultra seems like it would be counterproductive.  Plus running for hours with a camelback eating lots of cookies and jelly beans just seems silly now for some reason.  I am not knocking anyone else who does them, I just don’t see myself doing one this year and I am not really sure why.  Maybe I just found something that seems to be working and I don’t want to mess it up.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll hear about friends’ races and get the ultra bug again, but for now I want to focus on running a faster marathon, and I think I can now that I am getting more sleep and it’s cooled off quite a bit.

Ok, got a very busy weekend.  Spending time with the Owl, taking him to try and finish Christmas shopping, trying to hit yoga during his nap, a farewell pub visit, a marathon pacer meeting, and oh yeah, I have a race!  I am off to bed….hope everyone has a good weekend.

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