Christmas cheer, etc…

I swear it doesn't look so Charlie Brown in real life...
Mmmmm, dough-y

I have been very good all holiday season starting back at Halloween about not over indulging in treats.  But now that Christmas cookie season is here, I am slipping.  They seem so small…just a couple bites.   Is it really so bad to eat 10 of them?

I kept reading about doughballs on some of the food blogs I like.  So, I had to try them.  It is a cookie that has the texture of a cake/ cookie dough at the same time.  I made chocolate peanut butter tonight and Mike declared them a success worth repeating…a lot.  As in, they are really good.  I made jam thumbprints Saturday, but Mike won’t eat sweets without chocolate, so most of those were given away.  I don’t need 3 dozen cookies for just me…or do I?

One of the deals about my new schedule at work is a mandatory lunch break.  Don’t ask..it’s a long story, and despite how it sounds, it doesn’t work to my advantage.  But since I have to do it, I’ve been spending the time online planning lots of things…oh and doing all my Christmas shopping.  So, after lots of back and forth, I have my 2011 race plans.  I have decided to stay local.   Traveling to do a race is a sacrifice on Mike and Jasper’s part, and while they’ll do it for me, it’s really not fun to me if I know it takes anything away from them.  I’ll save my travel for Boston (hopefully) and there is a fall race Steve and I both want to do, I’ll write about someday.  Anyways, I just wanted to squeeze in one more marathon before summer.  The one I picked will be small and a one time race.  Mark is friends with the folks putting it on and said it should be fun.  It’s on gentle trails, so it won’t be a fast one, but I am still going to train up like it will be.    Then I picked a half marathon in April at the Lost Pines resort.  I love Bastrop and wanted to do this back in March, but I still couldn’t run that far.  It’s an all womens race and there is a 5K too, so if anyone wants to do a fun race, this would be one to consider.  After that it will be a couple low key months and then start some hills all summer for a little fun run Steve and I are hoping we can get into.

Ok, I gotta go to bed….before I go eat more doughballs…..

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