Little Christmas Angel…

I love Jasper’s daycare.  They send me text messages and pictures throughout the day to keep me updated, and this was today’s picture.  I love it!

I managed my long run before work again today.  It totally sucks to get up at 4am and do my whole run in the dark, but since Mark meets me for half, that helps a lot.  It’s so nice to be done with it though.   It also forces me to run a little quicker on the second half to get it all in.   I’ve been doing pretty good on the Hanson running plan.  I did a great tempo run this week with 7:46 pace, average, which is really good for me.  I did a marathon pace mid week 9 miler.  I did absolutely no intervals…so gotta work on getting those in.  Turns out I will do a couple long runs with the marathon pace team, so I’ll still end up doing 20+ milers, but I’ll be doing it at 5:00 pace.  But, I guess I am not truly going to be testing the plan as it was written..oh well, I admit no 20 miler made me a little nervous.

Downside of doing your long run before work at 430 am?  I am super sleepy.  So I am off to bed to dream of a way that a busy mom can see some of the upcoming holiday season movies.  I’ve seen 2 movies since Jasper was born.  It might be the first year I’ll end up seeing none of the Oscar contenders.


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