Jasper’s daycare made this beautiful book for us with pictures taken while he was at school.  This one is my favorite shot.  The background makes it look like he is at PeeWee’s playhouse.

So, let’s see, so much going on, as it is such a busy time of year.  I worked all week and took today off.   There were a couple of afternoons I was the only one in the office.  Instead of being productive, I was so unfocused and I didn’t seem to get much done at all.  Jasper’s day care is closed until after the New Year, so Mike took off until then, so lots of Owl at home time.   He’s got a pretty good Christmas haul, and tomorrow should be fun for him.  We did give him a couple of things today so he wouldn’t be so overwhelmed tomorrow and so far, trucks still rule as far as he is concerned.

I was all set to make homemade polish food as we do when we spend Christmas at home.  At the last minute, I told Mike I didn’t want to spend all day cooking; I wanted to play with Jasper.  So I ordered an entire meal from one of our fancy grocery stores.  Sooo glad I did.  We went this morning to pick it up…it was a madhouse, but the food looks really good, and it’s pretty cool to have dinner ready.  I like cooking, and I am pretty good with holiday foods, so I know I won’t do this every year, but for a year where I haven’t really rested much at all, it is a real treat.    Plus, Mike will watch Owl while I go see a movie with one of my busy mom friends, Kitty.  Yay!  This will be the 3rd movie I’ve seen since Owl was born.

On the running front, I did a great interval workout this week, and survived it.  I like that the Hanson plan is longer intervals, so I did a mile warm up, ran 2 2.5 mile intervals, then a cool down mile.  7 total, but intervals at 6:55 pace.  I was proud of myself…that is a good time for me.  It did help though that we had a warm front and it was a 60 degree morning.  I don’t know that I could do that in 3o degree weather.  Today I ran 17 with Mark for my long run.  Until I do the long runs as part of the marathon pace team, this is as long as I will go.   So my running is going great, BUT, and this may be premature, there is a chance of time off in the future.  More details later if need be, but pregnancy caused some large, but painless bone spurs on my big toes.  I had a regular check up doctor appt this week, and she said they really need to be removed to preserve my joints down the road.   I certainly don’t want foot surgery, but deep down I know she is right.  So Monday I have a consult with a podiatrist.  I am trying to think positive.  On the plus side, I’ve never had pain or running problems, but I have a feeling at some point my toes will have to go under the knife so I can have “normal” toes again.  It amazes me the havoc pregnancy causes!  I NEVER thought I would have an issue like this.  I am sure I’ll be writing more about this issue if indeed the podiatrist says the same thing my family doctor did.

Ok, Mike is waiting for me to watch Treme.    We are watching season one, and so far it’s really good!   I hope everyone has a good Christmas, and if you get new electronics, please research what you do with your old stuff.  I listened to a podcast on this the other day, and it is heartbreaking that our old computers end up ruining the health of the child workers who they end up with.  It’s heartbreaking that there are child workers in other countries.  Anyhow, just be careful how you get rid of electronics.

Christmas pictures to come…..

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