This little piggy…aka no foot modeling for me…

Yes, I am putting a picture on here of me in my PJs that I put back on after running.  I know…scary.  But the Owl’s cute smile makes up for how scary I look.  Owl had a good Christmas.  He has a lot of things to ride on, push, or make a lot of noise with…perfect for him.    I got to see Black Swan while Owl mastered his two walkers.   Not sure if I loved it as much as everyone seems to, but I loved going to the movies.  I got a new Garmin (more on that later).  We had a great dinner that I didn’t cook, and watched Treme after Owl went to bed.  It was a good Christmas.

In really, really good news, I get to keep my piggies intact for now!  I had my podiatrist appt today, and I was soooo nervous since before I even went I was told I needed surgery by my family doctor.  I really liked the podiatrist, and I got good news and bad news.  The bad first:  I have degenerative arthritis, and without a doubt I’ll need a joint fusion at some point.  The interesting part is I learned I have an abnormal extra long 1st metatarsal (aka part of the big toe bones), and people with this get a degenerative arthritis 100% of the time.   The doctor said there was nothing I could have done to avoid this…but pregnancy, and more so my running sped things up, and he said it was pretty severe for someone young (his words, not mine).  BUT, the good news is, because it doesn’t hurt, and he said I still seem to use the joint very well, he doesn’t want to operate and fuse the joint…yet.  I am getting custom orthotics to help take a little pressure off my toes.  The doctor said it could buy me a few years or more.  He also said keep running!!!  Now, I am not going to up my mileage, and I doubt if I’ll do any more rugged trail running.  I don’t want to stub my toes as any trauma just adds more arthritis.   And, the orthotics are not cheap.  They basically transform a pair of running shoes into a $400 investment, so probably not a good idea to go running through stinky creeks and mud.  Ok, so now that you are totally sick about reading about my gross feet, I’ll stop.  But, I will gladly trade the ability to wear high heels and any stylish shoes ever again to keep running.    Sad but true.

So, yes I LOVE the Garmin 110.  I got the pink and gray one.  It also has a heart rate monitor.  Anyhow, it is much smaller, when you are not using the GPS it goes into a power saver mode so you can wear it as a watch.  I have never used a heart rate monitor and the sisters have banned them, but since I now own one I might do a little research on heart rate monitor training and try it.  So I am breaking two rules of the sisters…I will have a heart rate monitor and orthotics.

Ok, gotta go, I just discovered we have Pac Man on the X Box.  I only like pre-1984 video games.


3 thoughts on “This little piggy…aka no foot modeling for me…”

  1. You look cute in those Owl PJs! I am so glad we got to go see a movie. I hope we can get together again soon. You still need to make me some perogies 🙂

  2. Love the picture! Wow, those are some expensive orthotics! But I agree, whatever to keep you running!

    Thanks for the encouragement. I always stood by the philosophy of “my body will do what it needs to…” until he started to freak me out a little. But now I’m back to reality 🙂
    Thanks also for the tips about running. I hope I can make it to the end!

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