Welcome 2011…

The Owl and I enjoyed a delicious coffee porter together at 4pm on New Years Eve.  I never really went in much for big New Years stuff anyways, so the fact the Owl kinda prevents going out was no big deal.  I had got up at 400 to run, so I was plenty sleepy by pretty early in the evening.

Rather than a detailed rehash of 2010 (here’s the quick version, the Owl was born, I got back into running, I qualified for Boston, taking care of the Owl and not sleeping dominates my life, the Owl sleeps, I’m  now trying to be a faster running…), here’s what I’d like to do for 2011 so far:  I want to get my mouse skills up and get a registration for the 2012 Boston marathon.  I was so bummed to be out this year since it filled up in 8 hours.  I also want to run a good fall marathon with Steve.  Not sure where, but I really want to meet somewhere and have a great running weekend.   I want to keep up my intervals.  Tempo runs are now a part of my life, but intervals are still a little new….

I really want to make friends with DVDs and start doing more yoga at home.  That means getting my butt of the couch at night more.  But I would love to have stomach muscles again and get back to the shape I was in pre-Owl, who kindly separated my stomach muscles.

Finally, I want to kick up my blog.  I don’t really know who, if anyone reads besides family and friends.  I really want to make it more of a fitness/ running resource for other busy moms.  Problem with this is it’s yet another project and those are challenging for busy moms…so we’ll see how  I do.

I won’t bother to try to cut down my sugar addiction.  I try every year.  I fail every year.  I did get better while I was pregnant and I am still a little better…but no where near sugar free…so I’ll keep my sugar for another year.


3 thoughts on “Welcome 2011…”

  1. Registering for Boston- you and me both! I read an article that they are trying to change things about registration…hopefully that will help! Either that or they’ll make the qualifying times harder and we’ll both have to try again!

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