I swear I really do own pants that don’t have a drawstring and aren’t made of flannel…

Today was one of those days I ended up putting pajamas on at 630.  I was just plain tired and I wanted to be comfortable.   It was just a very full day.  I started at 445  hitting snooze a couple times, not because I was tired, but because I knew it was about 30 degrees this morning and I didn’t want to go out in it.  I left at the very late hour of 545, and within a mile I could deal.   I bought some hand warmers that helped as my last few cold morning runs have ended with me having to put on gloves to pick up the Owl so I don’t freeze him.  Ever change a diaper with thick winter gloves on?  Anyhow, the hand warmers at least maintained some circulation in my fingers.  I was glad I was just doing a recovery pace run, as I didn’t look at my Garmin anyways because that would expose my wrist to the 30 degrees.

After my run and usual Owl stuff, I headed off to yoga as he was going down for his morning nap.  It was a good class…not too hard, but hard enough I will still be sore in my arms.  Once I got home and the Owl was up, we headed out to McKinney Falls to “hike”.

Hiking isn’t what it used to be.  Really we just go to parks and walk some and enjoy the fresh air.  Sometimes Jasper lets us do more than other times.  Today we couldn’t go very far and it was really my fault.  He wanted to be carried and I had not brought the carrier.  Hiking with 22 pounds on one hip isn’t that comfortable.  I left his milk and snacks in the car thinking he could have them on the way home, but he probably would have chilled in the jogging stroller if I had brought them.  So it really turned into more of an Owl photo shoot, but fresh air is always nice and I think it’s good to expose kids to outdoor things as much as possible.

The afternoon was dominated by making perogis.  Perogis are a type of dumpling.  They are a lot of work because I have to make a filling, the dough, roll it all out, make little dumplings, boil them, then saute them.  The Owl was fascinated by the process.  They really are super yummy, but any food that involves me having to dump flour all over my countertops, probably won’t get made that often.

So after perogis and clean up it was non-stop Owl time, who lately acts like a cat on catnip.    So I guess I should not be surprised when I was in pajamas at 630.

Ok, time for another episode of Treme.  I just love that show….hope everyone has a good Monday.

1 thought on “I swear I really do own pants that don’t have a drawstring and aren’t made of flannel…”

  1. Glad you had a nice long weekend. I would love for you to show me how to make the perogis someday soon. They sound delicious!

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