Suck it up…

Another busy weekend over and done.  Saturday started with a long run, and for some reason this one really wore me out.  I was tired all day.   The only thing that could save me was good food.  We went to Black Star Co-op.  Wow!   Two big thumbs up.  It is a brewery and they have a full menu.  The inhouse IPA was incredible and the food really exceeded my expectations for pub food.  I got a veggie pot pie, and it was filled with roasted winter veggies and a really good crust that was like flatbread and not pie crust.  Mike got fish and chips and they had the best fries I’ve had in a long time.  Super fresh and just enough seasoning.  Jasper is not a huge eater of solid foods, so any solid he is willing to do we let him go for it.  He chowed down on the fries in a big way.  Turned out the be a mistake, as he woke up about 1100pm and exploded with vomit.  Poor Owl.   Right back to sleep after that though.  That would be the only bad thing about Black Star.  We are now members of the co-op and plan to go a lot!

Today was a total suck it up morning.  Every runner’s least favorite weather.  Cold and wet.  40 and pouring rain.  And, to top it off, right as I got up the power went out.  5am on a Sunday, and I was getting dressed using my phone as a light.  I did not want to go.    I am a big believer in the suck it up run.  Or at least that is what I tell myself.  Now if you are sick, or injured that is different, but unpleasant conditions can’t be an excuse, because it’s always a slippery slope once you start skipping runs.  At least I think so.  And, this is what I usually think happens:  I force myself out only to end up saying “this isn’t that bad”.   As was the case today.  I was dressed for the conditions, so it seemed doable.  It was also kinda eerie in a cool way to have every light out.  No street lights, no traffic lights (no power remember).  I’d hit little pockets of electricity and then suddenly there was none.  By the time I got home the power was on though (yay).    Suck it up runs are also my number one tip for running as a new mom/ busy mom.  Or at least that is what worked for me.   Crazy early hours, and sleep deprivation ruled my world, and occasionally both still rear their ugly heads, and telling myself to just suck it up is what got me out the door many times.

I’ve also become a regular for a 900am Sunday hatha flow class.  Jasper is going down for his nap then, so I feel no guilt going to yoga while he is asleep.  While I just loved the Ashtanga class I tried a while back, this one fits into my current schedule perfectly and no time is sacrificed from my family.  It hard enough that Monday and Tuesday I am pretty sore, but not to the point it hurts to cough or laugh (that has happened to me a lot in other classes…I know, I am a big wimp).  But the main thing is, after almost a year, I think I have finally hit a schedule that runs pretty smoothly.  And just as I got here it will probably change.  Jasper is getting a lot of new teeth.  New teeth make babies not sleep.  Jasper is really not a baby anymore.  He is a toddler.  Toddlers take one nap.  So I anticipate we will change things up, but at least for now I will enjoy the calm before the storm.

Ok, vegan cookies in the oven, Weeds queued up on Apple tv, a tennis ball ready to mash onto my sore hamstrings and a big basket of laundry to fold all are calling me.  Yeah, it’s an exciting life I have.  Have a good week.


3 thoughts on “Suck it up…”

  1. I might have dealt with 40s and rain this weekend. I finally decided to join a training group in Frankfort and Spring training kicked off Saturday morning. I got up despite Joseph being up almost all night (rash…itchy…benedryl decided not to work) but it was 15 degrees and snowing….and slippery driving conditions…not to mention I can’t walk on snow/ice (I have the metal work in my ankle to prove it) so I probably shouldn’t run. So, I didn’t do the “suck it up run”….. You just made me feel kinda bad about that…THANKS! J/K Great post on just sucking it up sometimes… 🙂

  2. Hey Julie….well I did leave out the part if it is dangerous outside, it’s not a good idea to run! We get about one ice storm a year here, and I don’t risk taking a big fall. 15 degrees and snowing is a whole new level of torture!

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