Nothing like a 20 degree run at 5am…

Well I will have to take my own advice tomorrow and suck it up to run in 20 something degrees.  I know that’s nothing for pretty much the rest of the country, but in Texas that is COLD.   I also grossly underestimated the yoga class I went to Sunday and every muscle in my body hurts today, and I am guessing it will still hurt tomorrow, to make running in 20 degrees even more fun.  I am going to make Pancake go with me since she never complains and then I feel like I can’t complain when she is running around having the time of her life.

This weekend was the premier ultra running/ trail event in Texas, the Bandera races.  There is a 100K, 50K and 25K.  I’ve done all 3.   Last year I didn’t run there because rocky hilly terrain for 62 miles is a bad idea at 8 months pregnant.  This year I didn’t run because long trail runs just aren’t in my repertoire anymore.  Ryan wrote about once you start ultrarunning you feel like you’ve defined and labeled yourself.  I very much relate to that.  I sometimes feel like I should be working my way back to the longer distances.  Especially when I run with Mark, and 30 miles is an easy morning out for him  🙂   Maybe when Jasper is a little older I’ll give it another go.  For now though I am just thankful for what I ‘ve got going.  I still depend on Mike to watch Jasper for long runs.  Jasper’s up by 630, and even leaving as early as 430 he’s still up before I get home (I know, I know…run faster then…believe me, I’m working on it).   Let’s face it, I wasn’t the best ultra runner..more of a hiker who eats a lot at aid stations and jogs a little in between.  All in all, I’m cool with calling myself a marathoner again…but sometimes I can’t help to look at those ultra race results and think “Hey, I did that once.” (only much slower…when did everyone get so freakin’ fast!)

Ok, enough of  me yet again musing on the changes motherhood involves.  I guess it sounds pretty silly to say “now I only have time to run 20 miles and not 30”.  At what point in my life did anything over 20 miles seem reasonable?!?

BTW, does anyone else think the backdrop in this picture of Jasper looks like it came from the set of PeeWee’s playhouse?

Ok, vegan cookies call.   Mike and Pancake want me to curl up with them and watch Weeds (this season is really funny).  Got some psyching up to do for tomorrow’s 20 degree fun run.  Good luck to all of you getting through  winter running.  Hang in there!


4 thoughts on “Nothing like a 20 degree run at 5am…”

  1. Good luck with your cold run in the morning, I know I dodn’t have the type of running gear to run in this weather very often.

  2. Ah, so nice when you’re sitting in front of a roaring fire, but not so nice when your alarm clock goes off at some ungodly hour and it’s freezing cold out there. I feel your pain – I’ll be braving the Texas tundra too.

    And I wish 30 miles really was an “easy morning out” for me 🙂

  3. Mizuno makes some amazing running pants with breatho therm. (I think that’s the name). In the cold Chicago weather they are amazing! The pants warm up as you sweat (the sweat warms the thermal lining).

    I can’t imagine a 100k….you are amazing! I’m happy with 60 miles a week (not pregnant). You ultrarunners are machines!

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