Suck it up pacing…

Jasper took this self portrait with the photo booth app for macs.   It was taken just a couple of hours ago…but now he sleeps.  Well, hopefully.  For about 2 weeks he’s been sleeping less and less.  He has 4 teeth coming in, and I would like to think I can blame them and once they are in he will return to sleeping.  To think we may go back to frequent wakings is really more than I can bear…we had about 6 weeks of him sleeping where we got our evening and night back for the first time in 10 months.  I hope the recent bad nights are all a product of the new chompers and nothing more.

This weekend was the marathon pace team run.  It means anyone who would like to do a practice long run at their marathon goal pace can run with a pacer.  I do the 5 hour group.  It’s probably a good 3 minutes slower per mile than I normally run, so I really depend on my garmin to watch the pace and make constant little micro adjustments to not get too fast or too slow.  It is an 11:27 miles, but I run it just a little faster for the pace group to account for water stops.  Well, this weekend was horrible weather in Texas.  I know most the country is suffering with lots of snow and cold, but the 40 and rainy we got is not prime running weather either.  The 5 hour goal pace meant I would be out for close to 4 hours.  I prayed no one would show up.

Well, I did get some takers.  I had about 6 people.  About half had never run a marathon before.  The instructions were to run about a 4 mile warm up, then lock into pace.  We ran the warm up pretty slow.  I was already getting wet and cold.  It’s tricky to “lead” a group.  I want to convey that I am very experienced and know what I am doing and that they can rely on me to get them to the finish, but I don’t want to come off as a pompous horse’s ass.    Once we hit the landmark to start marathon pace I took off at about 11:15 miles and promptly lost most the group.  Then I have a dilemma.  Do I circle back and try and push them?  Or do I keep on, as I am not a coach….my job is just to run a set pace.  Luckily traffic lights allowed them to catch up and most let me know I was running too fast.   I stressed that it was exactly what would happen on race day and that they could do it!!  No one seemed too fatigued at this point.   They did keep up.  But now it was pouring.  I was quickly getting miserable, but as the pacer I couldn’t really complain.  I had a migraine-y headache from shivering and we were at about 8 miles.  I had 12 more miles of this.  uggg….

The group said they were only doing 8 miles at the marathon goal pace.  I was somewhat relieved when they hit that point and wanted to slow down.   They were going to walk and I think they were happy to have me leave.  A couple really nice folks in the group actually wanted to run a little quicker, about a 10 minute mile, so I offered to join them.  This made getting back a lot quicker.  It was still just plain nasty out.  By the time we finished I had blue lips.  There is a coffee shop right when we finished, and I skipped the water went right for a latte.  I was soaked!  There are some perks to being a pacer.  You get a comped marathon entry, you get some really nice gear and shoes, and you get lots of pre and post race food.  Saturday was so tough, I feel like I earned those perks.  I also felt like I could have run forever at that pace.   No fatigue at all.

Saturday afternoon it hit me that I was soooo tired.  I think it was from shivering for the entire run.  Catnip baby showed no mercy and was full of energy.  We hit Black Star Co-op again and that helped!  I LOVE that place.   Nothing like really good hearty pub food and microbrew after a long, cold run.

Today I did my first run in my new orthotics.  I got them last week, but spent a few days just walking in them, as they definitely take some adjusting too.  Not sure if I was more tired than I thought or if the orthotics made things that much awkward, but I was really slow.  I even questioned if my garmin was working.  Yep…it was, I just couldn’t get up to my goal pace today.

No big deal….I’ve become a regular at a 9am hatha flow yoga class on Sundays, and today it kicked my ass. The teacher I’ve been going to is really good with a heavy focus on hips and shoulders.  As I type this I can already tell tomorrow lifting a pen will be challenging I am going to be so sore.   I seem to spend every Monday morning at work very sore lately.  All the more reason to keep it up…obviously I have a lot of muscle that need some work!

The rest of the weekend was nice despite dismal weather.  We took Jasper to the Children’s Museum again.   He LOVES it so much.  I joked that I could probably leave him in the infant area and go run town lake for an hour and come back and no one including him would ever know I was gone.

Ok, laundry calls.  We have a lot coming up.   Trip to auntie’s in Mansfield, Mike’s birthday ( and we are glad he is home after a hectic week that included dumping Pancake’s water all over the kitchen and taking a poop in the tub…Jasper, not me), oh and I have a race coming up very soon that I am hoping to put my recent hard work on interval sessions to the test.  Hope everyone has a great week.

5 thoughts on “Suck it up pacing…”

  1. Gosh, I feel the pain that comes with teething. Like clockwork, the kiddo gets an upset stomach, is cranky as all get out, and more often than not catches a cold. Feel your pain.

    Big props on getting out there and running in that weather – I’m a wimp!!

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