Not the best weekend…

Ok, time for being negative.   We didn’t go out of town.  Jasper was super sick all weekend.   I would pretty much take any form of torture over a sick child.  Not  only was he inconsolable, but being sick also means he doesn’t sleep.  This has many unpleasant implications, as I am sure you can figure out.

Having a baby with an bad GI bug, also meant being homebound all weekend.  Now, I am super thankful I got to run early and escape a little bit to go to a yoga class.  Both were fantastic and the highlight of my weekend.

I am also bummed I won’t be running the 3M half marathon next weekend.  It just wasn’t going to work with other stuff we have going on and having to watch Jasper.  I probably need to learn not to sign up for races in advance.  This is my second entry fee down the toilet.  Oh well, maybe I’ll get up early and run my own 13 mile time trial.

The other highlight of my weekend was a carrot cake from Upper Crust bakery.  The best cake in the universe.  We got it for Mike’s birthday.   I am just happy he shared.  Sometimes it’s the little things…


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