It’s tough being a baby…

I’m home from work today since Jasper is still sick.  It’s not too big of a deal since I cut my work schedule down to four days.  It seems like once a week I had to take him to get an immunization, a sick dr appt, or a sick day from school, so it really seemed logical to just go ahead and have a day off.   It must really suck at times to be a baby.  Jasper is getting 4 teeth in various stages of breaking his gums, getting over a cold, and still has his terrible GI bug.    I guess it is a small miracle he sleeps at all and hasn’t imploded.

I don’t feel quite as grouchy about the situation as I did yesterday.   I woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck…as I feared I might.  We did some of the hardest core work I’ve ever done in my life in yoga yesterday.   So today any twisting , coughing, or general movement hurts.  My arms and shoulders hurt too.   I guess the yoga is doing it’s thing…working my wimpy little muscles.  Today is my tempo run day, but I questioned how tempo-y it would be when I am this sore, and I had a couple wake ups last night.  I took off half asleep to see what I could do.  About 3 miles in I realized I left Pancake outside.  It was cold, she is not an outdoor dog, and Mike would not be up for awhile.  So I ran home as fast as I could to let her back in.   Tempo run accomplished, Pancake enjoyed an extra treat for sitting on a cold patio for an hour.

Ok, house work calls.  Gotta take advantage of my 1 hour or so of time I am not chasing the Owl and removing him from Pancake’s food and water bowls.

4 thoughts on “It’s tough being a baby…”

  1. Teething AND sick. I’m sorry – hope he gets better quick, and that no one catches what is going around.

    Yoga is amazing. Once all the kinks are worked out, it’s easy to get into that groove.

  2. Hi Clea,

    This is my first time to ever comment on a blog. I read often, but I guess since I don’t have my own blog, I have just been content to lurk. I was blog hopping from other Austin runners and landed on your blog via Meredith’s. I kept coming back because I am also an Austin running mama of a young child (my daughter is 22 months), and you seem like a cool person.

    Anyway, I am delurking now because I have been going to the same Sunday morning yoga class as you for the past couple weeks. I had my mat right next to you a couple Sundays ago, and I recognized you when Nicole asked for introductions. It seemed to awkward to delurk in person, so I’m doing it now. 🙂 I’m not a crazy stalker – just a fellow running mom who loves yoga, and it seemed silly to not say hello.

    I’m running 3M Sunday so I won’t be in class, but maybe I will see you in class another time.


  3. Hi Anna:

    Wow, small world!!! Definitely say hi next time you are in yoga. And, as it turns out, I will get to run 3M. Maybe I will see you there! Do you get as sore as I do from that class sometimes?….I always feel like a wimp the next day. I am still sore from that core work. Good luck at 3M!!

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