Racing tomorrow!

Ok, I am about to be off to bed, but the art of compromise has allowed me to race the half marathon tomorrow.  Well, really it was just very nice of Mike to watch Jasper despite plans the night before.  The weather looks good, and I have a goal, but I’m not telling.  I haven’t raced since the Frankenthon.  I did the Decker half, but more as a fun run, so this is the first time in awhile I am going all out.

The 3M half marathon is funny though, in that people seem to come out of the woodwork for it.  The top 10 in my age group are always well under 1:30.  So, I don’t think I’ll be getting any age group awards.  I am just racing the clock.

Ok off to bed.  I’m tired!  The day included early morning packet  pick up, hatha flow yoga (I hope I don’t regret that in the morning), transitioning the Owl to one nap, and then Owl splitting his lip in the evening.  Whew, time to sleep!!


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