Back to our Texas winter…

Well, it doesn’t look like this here anymore, but it was very chilly this morning.  However, it is rapidly warming and we are back to our mild Texas winter.  Hey, we deserve it.  We have 9 months of summer with 95% humidity.  I see no reason why we need the other 3 months of the year to be 20 degrees.

Jasper is napping,  so that is why I am on the computer.  I ran 18 miles this morning and cleaned the house, so life is good.

Today is the Rocky Raccoon 100 and 50 mile runs.  I’ve run the 50 there twice.  It’s a really good run.  My kind of trail…not very hard and lots of pine trees.  Initially I was a little sad I wasn’t doing it this year.  At this point I know I could…I am back in shape from pregnancy, about as much as I could be.  I can pop off a 20 mile run without much fuss at this point, so the gentle pace that is my 50 mile run would be doable.  But, it’s a 3 hour drive, it would mean Mike not having help with Jasper all weekend and me being away.  Maybe next year.  Mark and blogger friend Derek are there tearing up the 100.  When it was 20 degrees this morning for my run, I thought of how NOT fun it would be to be in a race today and then again tonight when it drops to the 20s again.   Despite my earlier post about not getting too starstruck over these things, I did tell Mark if he got me Scott Jurek’s autograph, he would be my hero.  I doubt getting autographs was very high on his to do list last night as he prepped to run 100 miles.  Hey, it involves a lot of stuff when you are out there all day and the temperature ranges from 20 to 60 degrees.

Otherwise a busy weekend.  Jasper’s birthday party is tomorrow.  Hopefully I thought of everything and people won’t end up eating gooey cake with their fingers or something like that.  As soon as the Owl wakes, we are off for some outside time…without handwarmers for the first time in a few days….

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