Jasper at a year old!!!

We just finished putting away all the fallout from Jasper’s first birthday party.  Here we are last year at this time and this year.  While Jasper only aged a year, I apparently aged about 10 (note to self….fix hair more often and schedule a coloring appt!!)

I spent much of yesterday tracking Rocky Raccoon online in between handing over my iphone to Jasper.  Is doing a long run, a tempo run, a yoga class, a trip to a farm with a one year old, and hosting a one year old’s birthday all in one weekend the equivalent of running a hundred miler?….no it’s probably harder  🙂    Actually, I enjoyed following the race online and was quite content doing my own runs this weekend.

I am looking forward to Jasper walking.  He is close.  Everyone says it’s harder when your kid starts walking.  He’s in a “mama must carry me at all times” kinda phase.  At least if he was walking if I set him down he wouldn’t just be crawling around in dirt…like at the farm trip yesterday.  Ever carry 22 pounds for 48 hours with a big bag slung over your shoulder?  It gets old fast.  Jasper doesn’t really like a stroller unless I am running with it.  I may have to break out the Ergo carrier again.   In yoga today I realized my arms were sore from carrying a now toddler.  Sad, but true.

Ok, I am alone in the house with half a birthday cake and a sleeping Owl.   I think I may end up with a sugar high tonight….

4 thoughts on “Jasper at a year old!!!”

  1. You guys are so cute!! I hope this doesn’t happen to you, but Kara still has those “you must carry me at all times” moments… just a fair warning! But, then again, it’s just when she’s sick.

    Glad to hear the birthday party went so well!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Jasper! What a difference a year makes. I always think it’s so crazy to look back at pictures of my tiny baby Maya and see how very much she has changed in what is really a short time.

    It is a bit harder to keep track of them when they start walking, but it is so fun to see them gaining independence – and nice to give the arms a break.

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