Time to get serious…

Ok friends…warning a running post.   After next week’s marathon pacing, I plan to start my next phase of post partum return to running.  Yeah, it’s been a whole year, so I can’t even really call it that anymore, hence why it’s a new phase.  Here’s the plan:  I really want to improve.  I mean seriously improve.    I know I have it in me….I just need to really focus my workouts.  I don’t have time for super long runs, but I can make the most out the time I have.   I spent the last year getting back into a schedule, back into shape, and I feel like I am there.  My sleep is fairly regular, my schedule is nailed down, and I seem to have quit getting sick every other week.  One year ago I struggled to make a 10 minute mile and now I am down to 7:30s on tempo runs.  I don’t say any of this so anyone thinks that I think I am super awesome…I don’t.  And, like Mark’s last post where he admits that times don’t really matter when your family is number one priority, I do agree.  But it’s awfully fun to see what I can do.   This is a good time to start.  When summer hits, I don’t want to be trying to pick up my pace, because most of us slow down a little in the high humidity.  I know I am really, really good at sucking it up and getting out the door.  Yes, I am patting myself on the back!    I’ve got this part mastered….now I just need to turn up the intensity.  I’d like to challenge my friends to join me.  I know a couple of you have been thinking about trying to get faster.   This is the time to start the hill workouts, the intervals.  One nice thing is it makes your run go by really quick.   As for long term goals….I am not entirely sure.    We have tickets to Colorado this summer and if all goes well with that which is the Owl, I will be running the Estes Park marathon in June.   It’s super hilly at 8000 feet…so it won’t be fast by nature, but I’d like to see what I can do.  I also have a spring half planned.  Beyond that I don’t know.  With $400 orthotics in my shoes, I feel trail running is a little risky.  Austin needs a road 50K.    So anyone who’s interested…let’s encourage each other.  I’m going to give Daily Mile a try.    It’s like Facebook for runners.  I don’t know how long I’ll last….I’ve never lasted at keeping a log and have always seen it as yet another task in my life.  But I thought maybe if some friends were interested in doing it with me, we could encourage each other, post workouts, etc.  Kind of a virtual training group since my real training partners are dwindling.  Let me know if you want to try it out!

6 thoughts on “Time to get serious…”

  1. But you are super awesome! Seriously! Might be interested in this daily mile stuff. I think we are supposed to get some warmer weather starting next week and I should be able to take the Munchkin and Shelby out for some runs. I have a 3K in a month so I need to get ready for that. I am all for the encouragement even though my mileage/times will probably be painfully slow…but I do want to improve. You’ve been an inspiration to me so far!!

  2. Sure I want to get faster, look me up if join Daily Mile, I’ve been using it for over a year now and does help me stay motivated to run.

  3. Love testing myself! You already have an awesome pace that I can only dream of, but best of luck with your goals – you can do it!

    I have DailyMile, but never use it. Between blogging, facebook, twitter, emails – phew, I’m on the computer enough! I keep track of workouts in a notebook. I did like it, while I had it!!

  4. I’m curious to see how you like Daily Mile. I used to record all my workouts (just in a notebook, not electronically) before Maya was born, and I haven’t recorded a single one since having her. I guess it just became less important. But I have recently been wanting to figure out some sort of training log to keep track again. Something with an iPhone app would be great, because then I might actually use it regularly.

    I’m really impressed with all the structured training (beyond just go out and run) you do on your own. I am training with a Rogue group now, and have typically always done my structured training with one of their groups. It’s easier to suffer with company. 🙂 But it is kind of expensive.

    After the Cap 10k, I am going to take a break from the groups for a while and try to really improve in Yoga (I went to one Ashtanga class with Clayton during the holidays and oh, my goodness, it was hard – I am not there yet, but would like to get there, but it’s hard to balance it with tired legs from hard training runs) and focus on a big aerobic base (i.e. lots of easy paced running and some hills) during the summer. All that said, if you’re ever looking for another running partner…I think you are a bit faster than me right now (I ran 1:40 at 3M and was disappointed with that – I have done 1:36 there previously) and you certainly usually run earlier, but we’re not too far off. Anyway, just a future possibility.

    And I’m done with my novel length comment now.

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