Surprise, surprise, the Owl is sick…

I am home from work right now.  I just got home to trade off Owl duty with Mike, who has jury duty, which I think you can out of if you have a sick child, but I am sure it is a nightmare.  Yes, to back up, the Owl has an ear infection and pink eye.  It was a fun weekend with Owl temps up to 102.9, and then eyes gumming themselves shut.  To further complicate things, Mike is going out of town starting tomorrow morning for most of the week.  Such is life, but now since I am off today, all my work flexibility is gone for the rest of the week.  Note to self….I need to find back up childcare for these situations.    Anyone know someone without their own kids who has their days entirely free?

One nice thing this weekend was I took advantage of the marathon this week, and scratched long runs.  I did a couple quick paced runs, but I did not give into the temptation to just run through this marathon.  It’s a tricky thing, this 5 hour pace group.  It’s a pretty gentle pace for me, but it’s still 26.2 miles on my feet, so I hesitate to take it too lightly.    But, the weekends are rare in which a long run isn’t the main event, so it is nice to be completely done with my run by 7am.    I am getting excited for marathon race day.   Once again the pace group is working at the expo, and I really enjoyed this last time.  It’s great to soothe a lot of first time jitters.  And, oh, yeah, we got our awesome gear on Friday.  It must be how a sponsored runner feels.  All this stuff for moi?   Our pace team jackets are super nice this year.

So the main running news this week, is Mark has dangled a carrot in front of me and I think I’ve taken hold of it.  He proposed going for a 3:10 marathon.  My initial reaction, without hesitation, was “No way.”  But I thought about a bit……3:10 may be a little ambitious but I think a 3:20 or maybe even 3:15 is within reach.  My best time ever is a 3:25.  Now I was a much faster runner when I ran that, but even so it wasn’t the greatest time.  I was running a 40 minute 10K and under 1:30 for the half then, so based on that I should have run faster.  Part of my problem was I had no clue how to eat during a run.  I would eat one gel at the very end back then.  Now I probably eat 3-4, and I drink a lot more.  In my early marathons I think I would get low blood sugar since I just didn’t eat much at all and then suffer the last few miles.    So, I do think running under 3:25 is doable with some hard work.    I am glad that Mark is into the challenge as well.  We probably will not be attempting until the fall, but I am super motivated to hit my goal.  BTW, I only have 2 friends on DailyMile, so I hope more of you will do it.  It’s a lot of fun so far.

So yeah, I am looking forward to the weekend.  Just gotta survive the week.   This photo really has nothing to do with anything I’ve written.  It’s really old….probably at least 10 years.  It’s a sunrise in Montana.  It somehow was randomly generated when I opened iphoto, and it just seemed nice, so I thought I’d share it.


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