Boston Blues…

Just a quick update, because I have just a little time and I need to capitalize on it.

The Owl was feeling great Tuesday, and yesterday became a little fussy in the evening.  At 4 am this morning he was awake and I went to check on him and he was having trouble breathing.  We went to the doctor this morning and he has RSV, and had low oxygen.  He’s on breathing treatments and no daycare…so no work for me.   The good thing is adults typically do not get RSV….if they do it is a very mild cold.  But non-breathing Owls are not good.   Not working is not good, but it’s how we roll here.

You can read all about the new Boston qualifying times at RunnersWorld, or RunningTimes, or the Boston marathon website.  I don’t think it is a fair system.  Mainly because of the rolling registration based on time.  It really means if you qualify, you don’t really qualify.   Only the fastest of the fast will get in, and if that is all there is room for then just call it that.  Don’t say there is a qualifying time when if you hit the time you still have no chance of getting in.   I think I will run a much faster time next time I do a marathon, but I don’t think I’ll run 20-30 minutes faster than my age’s qualifying standard, so I may just move on and accept I was lucky to do it when they let us slow folks in.  Mike said he would do whatever it took to get me a faster time, so another option is to  keep trying.  We’ll see.  Right now I am just worried about how I can run 5 hours on Sunday in the Austin marathon and only take one bathroom break.

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