Undeniable Owlness…

Here is the Owl infecting a playground….kidding.  I realize it may seem like he’s sick all the time.  He’s really not.  The pediatrician today commented that he has been very healthy. He was over a year old before his first ear infection.  It’s just that he goes to daycare.  Kids in daycare get a lot of bugs passed around.  I have been reassured by his doctor it’s now or later….as in he would be getting them when he started school if he never got them in daycare.  It mainly just terribly inconvienent to miss work and put everything on hold when you weren’t planning to.  Not to mention it’s just hard not to see the Owl being 100% Owl.  Mike and I call it his “Owlness”….a constant smile and endless energy.

Since I couldn’t take Jasper anywhere with other kids, I thought he might allow me just a few minutes of shopping.   My wardrobe is just plain embarrassing, but I’ve yet to find time to shop.  I went to Nordstrom Rack to get some shirts or anything I didn’t have to try on since the Owl would not allow for that much time.  If you really want to feel completely frumpy and you really want your self esteem to drop a few notches…wander into a Nordstrom, assuming you do not do it regularly.    Everything is part of a trend I don’t even recognize…because I am so far behind on trends.   And just when I thought I had some stylish, night on the town jeans, I realize…I might as well be wearing a pair of Lees….my jeans look nothing like the Nordstrom jeans.    I got a couple tee-shirts.  One of them started at $76 and was marked down to $24, but seriously a $76 tee-shirt?  Maybe that is just the norm, and I’ve become so clueless I just don’t know any better.  All I know is, I gotta plan another trip to scope out those jeans some more.  I really don’t want Jasper to feel humiliated when I pick him up from daycare in baggy, frumpy jeans, that I used to think were skinny jeans.

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