Feeling better and worse…

Here is how the little boy spent most of last week.  Clinging to me.   He is so much better now and got to go back to school today and had a blast there.   This picture also gives a glimpse of Jasper’s cute bathroom we redid at Christmas time.

Physically I felt much better Monday.  I was prepared for total carnage, and was pleasantly surprised.  Once you do enough of these things recovery does go much quicker.  I have a tender calf that was cramping a little at the end, and I will definitely lose one of my big toenails.  Gross, I know.  But I wasn’t limping around Monday like I was Sunday afternoon.   Tuesday I did a little more walking, and today (Wednesday) I did an easy paced run.    The part that is worse, is that as it goes with most colds for me, they migrate into bronchitis…which makes running really sucky.   The good news is I didn’t plan on much serious running this week, so I guess it is a good week to be down a notch or 2. 

Some of you have asked me about trying yoga that would be beneficial for a runner.  I found a nice way to try it for free.  YogaToday has free 20 minute classes on itunes.   Mike is my guinea pig, as he is interested in combating the tight hips and back we all get from sitting at a desk job, but he is not really interested in becoming a yoga devotee.  The same muscles that tighten from sitting all day also take a hit in runners, so we really get tight.  Last night Mike and I started with the “Yoga for Novices” class, and it actually seemed pretty good to me in regards to explaining good alignment.  My discalimer is I am not a certified yoga instructor, so take my recommendations with a grain of salt.   I find that longer DVDs are hard to do at home, but most of us can do 20 minutes later in the evening.   So give it a try.  You might find yourself like I did the first time I tried yoga, with a realization that if I wanted to keep running my whole life I needed to do something to combat how tight it makes you.

Ok….back to work.  Hope everyone is having a good week.


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